Configure your dream bathroom quickly and easily in 3D and AR

Shopping for bathrooms should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience - for everyone involved. Giving your customers the ability to design their dream bathroom from within their own 4 walls is an absolute game changer. Our bathroom configurator is specifically made to provide all users with a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, while also streamlining the design process for your business. Let's take a closer look!


Bathroom Configurator for your business - How does it work?

Overall there are 3 main options on how to start available to you as a retailer:

  • Sell your products as individual pieces and give your customers the option to customize your products separately

  • Offer customization of product sets, so your clients know how these products will look together, while still being able to configure them at any point

  • The cream of the crop - the ability to place products in an accurate to size 3D room with the option to configure everything in it individually

Seamless Integration into E-Commerce Systems

Rubens is ready for seamless integration into all web shop systems (Hybris, Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, and many more). With live pricing via price API, automatic image generation of the bath or bathroom configurations for transfer to the shopping cart, automatic article parts list compilation, and all this with brand-individual look and feel for your sales success.

  • HQ Renderings

    Every configurable variant for your catalogs, marketing campaigns, social media, newsletters - at the touch of a button.

  • Augmented Reality

    Breathe Life into your Products!
    Augmented Reality is a real powerhouse when it comes to enabling the best retail experience for your customers.

  • Furnish whole rooms

    The Room Designer makes it easy to configure entire product sets and rooms. Create your perfect space at the click of a button.

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Complex products - easily visualized

Planning a bathroom can not only be a real pain for your customers but also for your sales-employees as well. The complexity is simply on another level in comparison to other rooms. A lot of the times clients have no clear idea of what they want or better yet - what they need. This leads to complicated sales- and planning sessions with your sales-employees.

Well, you probably wouldn't be here if you weren't looking for a solution and we wouldn't be here if we didn't offer one.

With our 3D Configurator in combination with our newly developed Room Designer, you can now pre-qualify leads by giving them the opportunity to plan and design their dream bathroom before talking to your sales-team. As soon as they are happy with their creation, you will receive that draft and know exactly how big their bathroom is, what style of products they prefer and even a rough estimate on the price range. They sales-conversation that follows will be a piece of cake!

Try it yourself!

Click through the Slider below to see how Product Configuration can look like

Driven by our customers' success

Famous manufacturers around the world use Roomle to sell their products intuitively - online and in stores.

  • Vallone Bath Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Vallone, a distinguished bath producer, leverages a 3D configurator to provide customers with a visual and interactive platform for designing their dream bathrooms.

  • Reuter Bathroom Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Reuter is one of the largest online retailers for the bathroom, lighting and living areas. Reuter attaches great importance to creating the perfect shopping experience, which is why they decided to use Roomle 3D & AR Bathroom Configurator

  • Rolf Benz Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Rolf Benz is a manufacturer of upmarket upholstered furniture. Introducing the 3D & AR sofa configurator, Freistil paves the way for omni-channel product sales, providing both retail partners and shoppers with attractive standardized high-quality 3D and AR product presentations.

  • Metro Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Metro is synonymous with high-quality storage solutions, holding over 200 patents and exceeding customer expectations with innovative products and services for nearly a century. Metro uses the 3D & AR configurator to let their clients to customize and specify in 3D.

  • Moebe Configurator

    Visit Customer Website, leading furniture producer, utilizes the 3D & AR configurator to empower customers in customizing their furniture designs, enabling them to create personalized and tailored pieces that perfectly fit their unique preferences and needs.

  • Biohort Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Biohort is the market leader in the field of storage solutions. With the implementation of 3D configurators, Biohort improved customer experience and increased online sales as well as the quality of sales advice within their sales network.

  • Visplay Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Expert shop fitter Visplay utilizes the 3D & AR product configurator to not only provide a modern digital shopping experience for its customized and technologically advanced retail solutions but also to enhance the contact quality of B2B order inquiries in the shop fitting market, resulting in increased leads and improved customer engagement.

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