The Roomle Configurator for e-Commerce

Online shopping is becoming a reality for all product groups, and it's not just about uniform stock goods anymore. The ability to order customised products online requires technology that is much more complex than the old standard systems. Only the most professional and reliable solutions – such as Roomle – will become established as the new standard. As an interface between the consumer, the retailer and the manufacturer, Roomle is exactly the point of connection the furniture industry needs for this to even be imagined.

Brita Piovesan, 03.05.2019

Individual products at the touch of a button

Roomle allows you to offer unlimited personalised products in an online ordering process, and takes over every step – from the initial configuration and order generation to the creation of stock lists and production data - seamlessly and accurately. Roomle works in both directions. For the consumer, the configurator transforms every purchase into the ultimate omnichannel experience. For manufacturers, Roomle is the pathway to these channels: once a product has been created in Roomle, it can be integrated into any online shop and experienced in every type of digital media.

Intuitive, effective and easy to use
Roomle provides the consumer with simple and intuitive support during in the decision-making process. This creates a feeling of ease, which is ultimately extended to both the manufacturer and the online retailer. On average, consumers spend three to four minutes configuring their desired products. During this time, their identification with the product increases and, with it, the probability of purchase. Roomle uses augmented reality to bring furniture straight into  the buyer's home, where it has practically found its place. The purchase decision is made more quickly and with a heightened sense of certainty. The bottom line: online shopping carts are rapidly filling up with increasingly complex products. Thanks to Roomle, these products can be viewed multidimensionally before purchase. No “mystery purchases” here! The variety of options for the consumer also increases significantly and, with it, the opportunity for manufacturers to ensure that every version of their product is on the market, in every shape and form, and benefit from an entirely new and rapid time to market.

Quickly respond to market demands
Last but not least, Roomle facilitates flexible administration and design of all product-relevant details. Live updates on innovations and changes can be sent to the marketplace, accurately, seamlessly and via every channel. This also opens up completely new pricing policy options. Every adjustment is displayed live by Roomle at the touch of a button as soon as it has been made. Thanks to Roomle, the current price of a configuration is continually updated and displayed daily. So that prices can be kept permanently stable or adjusted to demand via targeted measures, as needed.

Planning driven furniture sales
Planning driven furniture sales