The Roomle Configurator at the POS

Introducing Roomle turns every POS into an opportunity for an entirely new experience. It does this primarily by increasing transparency: furniture can be experienced in the highest digital quality before ordering. The entire range of configurations can be displayed and simulated at the POS. The customer can adapt every piece of furniture to their individual needs, take the configuration and a special code back home, and use augmented reality to place it inside the room they choose. After all this attention, the product has already practically found a fixed place in the customer’s home. The customer's imagination is given more to work with, which increases the probability of purchase – and, consequently, the retailer's and manufacturer's turnover.

Brita Piovesan, 26.03.2019

Less labour, more knowledge management and a considerable image boost

Roomle meets a company's most basic needs and is by far the simplest and most effective tool for using digital solutions to achieve business goals. Roomle creates only benefits for all parties involved, making it the opposite of standard rationalisation measures. As a digital database and store of shared knowledge, Roomle not only eliminates sources of error in the ordering and production process, but also saves costs and time. Roomle functions as a clearly defined set of rules for every feasible configuration. This enables the employee at the point of sale to submit even the most complex offers quickly, simply and accurately – without having to check with the manufacturer. Roomle documents the full range of products and product knowledge, thus storing the company’s entire expertise in one central location. For retailers, this means faster sales transactions. For manufacturers, it creates a clear competitive advantage: the transparency and support offered by Roomle increase the attractiveness of their products on the market. The manufacturer is associated with diversity,
technical flawlessness, adherence to delivery dates and a robust overall

Sell all your design ideas at the push of a button
When used at the POS, Roomle can also communicate the manufacturer’s creativity and product diversity in an entirely new dimension. Products or product versions that cannot be found in any show room are also offered and sold: development and time-to-market costs are amortised more quickly. Whether or not a product works can be determined at a much earlier stage. The balancing act between creating countless customized versions of every product and keeping a watchful eye on costs is no longer necessary. The resources saved in this way can be invested in developing new business fields and sales channels. To conclude: Roomle is an intuitive, forward-looking solution that not only increases process speed and customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction and sales figures, as well.

Touchtables at POS
Touchtables at POS