Digital [Augmented] Products

Your Products Everywhere - Augment your e-commerce

3D Data

Roomle produces a 1:1 copy of your real furniture in the digital world and makes products virtually available with all functionalities and special features.

  • The digital double of your physical products
  • Products in 3D, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)
  • Direct integration into your website, the shop or the app (Roomle Button)
  • Planability of your products on all Roomle channels
  • Replace expensive product photos with interactive models

Benefits of digitalising your products

  • Your products (digitally) in every room
  • Test new furniture or new markets
  • We take care of the creation of 3D models
  • Ready for all new AR / VR platforms
  • Ready for the integration of dealers
  • Ready for online sales (drop-shipping)
  • Replace expensive product photos with interactive 3D models


  • From 10 € monthly per product
  • From the 2nd year it becomes even more favorable!