Better Selling With Digitized Products

With Roomle, products are configurable in real-time and ordering is error-safe, both online and in-store. Supplemented by automated renderings for all sales channels.

configure furniture

all Versions

available everywhere

Usage Data

in real-time

4-K Renderings

fully automatic

Configuring complex products live in photo-realistic 3D. For all target groups and sales channels - online and in-store. Including product renderings from every perspective and for every application.

Added Value for Manufacturers

Configuring Products Visually - for all Sales Channels

Roomle digitizes products for interactive live configuration in 3D. For all channels, online and in stationary retail. This facilitates purchase decisions and significantly optimizes sales processes.

Automated Renderings for Your Communication

At the push of a button, Roomle delivers a high-resolution image of every product configuration. In all perspectives, colors and materials. In the quality of a photo shoot, but with unlimited setting options and budget-friendly. For use on all your channels - online and stationary.

Sales Support for Stationary Retail

The Roomle Configurator helps your retailers to sell your product easier and better, supporting sales talks on tablets or touchables in stores. No training is necessary. Available online and offline, and for the retailer´s online shop. Using the Roomle Configurator will significantly reduce orders errors and streamline processes.

Optimized Ordering Processes

Roomle is ready for seamless integration into commerce systems. It will automatically deliver a complete, error-free article order list, including live price calculation, for every furniture configuration. Customers order more easily than ever and, most importantly, error-free. This reduces the handling costs and leaves more time for quality customer counseling.

Process Integration in Productive Systems

The Roomle Configurator delivers beyond mere configuring: It is ready for full integration into order and production processes, with comprehensive interfaces in both directions.

Gather Data - Understand Your Customers

Which furniture items are used most often in planning? Which versions and colors are most popular? Roomle provides the data and facts you need to understand how customers interact with your product and to get to the market faster, and with the right products.

Your Advantages

  • Digitized products in highest quality and in all variants

  • Configurable live in 3D, on all channels and devices

  • End-to-end processes for error-free advice, ordering and production

  • Automated renderings at the push of a button - for all channels

  • Individual integrations and interfaces to meet your requirements

  • Be able to react immediately to market or product requirements

  • Better interaction quality increases both conversion and shopping cart value

  • Comprehensive product statistics for efficient analysis and superior product range strategy

Meet the Configurator

Developed for manufacturers and retailers: Use the modular CPQ Configurator to design products real-time in 3D and order them error-free with "live" pricing.

Meet the Room Planner

Use the unique, intuitive room planner to create and stage sales rooms in real-time. View entire ranges in the shop in AR (Augmented Reality).

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