Increase Shopping Cart Value While Reducing Process Costs

The Roomle Configurator will make your product range available on all sales channels - in live 3-D and AR. Without additional sales training, and with error-free parts lists.

configure furniture

>2.5 million

configurations / month


increased conversion


higher shopping cart values

Today´s customers make situational purchase decisions - anytime, anywhere, online and offline. With the Roomle Configurator, shoppers configure your products interactively, live in 3-D and order immediately. Profit from reduced order errors and significantly reduced back office workload.

Added Value for Retailers

Customizing Options Fill Shopping Carts

Configuring products in nearly photo-realistic 3-D on all sales channels will demonstrably increase willingness to buy and conversion while reducing order errors and training costs.


Error-Free Order Processes

Configure, price, quote and - order! Sell ​​products better, online and stationary, with Roomle. With live pricing and ERP integration for efficient order processing without errors.

Sell ​​Better - Online and In-Shop

Respond to the wishes of customers without having to consult thick catalogs, using a 3-D configurator to create the desired product on a tablet or touch-table in-shop. Rely on Roomle´s total ease of use and let users configure independently online, again with direct ordering options.

Seamless Web-Shop Integration

The Roomle Configurator is ready for seamless integration into all web shop systems (Woocommerce, Shopify, Shopware, Hybris...), and will deliver a complete, error-free item list for every configuration. Using standard formats such as IDM, Roomle makes the transfer of extensive product data safe.

Photo-realistic Renderings

Roomle delivers photo-realistic product images for every saved configuration in an automated process - for use in all online channels and marketing materials. The result: significantly shorter time-to-market, and flexible product staging without costly photo shoots.

2D / 3D Room Planner for End Customers

Make your products available to the end customer for 2D / 3D spatial planning and thus measurably increase the conversion. Via AR (Augmented Reality), your furniture can be viewed and "safely" ordered by potential buyers in their own room.

Insights / product statistics

Which furniture do your customers plan most frequently? Which variants and colors are most popular? Roomle provides data to get your products to market faster.

Your Advantages

  • High-end product visualization

  • Configurable live in 3D, high performance

  • Enormously accelerated time-to-market

  • Live price calculation using the Roomle price interface

  • Optimized, error-free ordering processes

  • Higher shopping cart values ​​through measurably increased user interaction

  • Cut-out images generated from 3D renderings

  • Can be integrated into your dealer channels

  • Possibility of integration in productive systems

  • Extensive product statistics

Meet the Configurator

Developed for manufacturers and retailers: Use the modular CPQ configurator to design products in real-time 3D and order them error-free with live prices.

Meet the Room Planner

Use the unique, intuitive room planner to plan and stage sales rooms in real time. View entire virtual ranges in AR (Augmented Reality) in the physical shop.

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