Varioline LC 80-Z RLU

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Dimensions:W / H / D 80,00 x 85,00 x 68,50 cm
Type:electric / electric_other


The Ligna Therm Combi RLU is the first room-sealed solid-fuel stove. With this independence of indoor air, owners of a low-energy or passive house (with a tight building shell and living-space ventilation) can enjoy the benefits of a wood-burning stove without any compromises. The stove is also the perfect solution for thermally renovated existing buildings (new air-tight windows) when a tight building shell requires a solution independent of indoor air for your kitchen. A modern design, with straight lines, combined with high-quality materials, marks out the stoves of the Varioline series. The model LC 80 has a large oven and a large combustion chamber. Versatility and optimal use of energy are important features of Lohberger central-heating stoves. They cook, bake, fry, produce hot water and heat the entire home. All in one. You save electricity, lower your energy costs and protect the environment! The ideal combination. … 100% CO2-neutral biomass additional heating. Benefits: •Fully sealed off from the room where it is installed, so living-room ventilation or an extractor hood can be used at the same time •The whole of the combustion air is taken in centrally through a supply shaft •Leak-free cook top (Ceran hob) •Self-closing heating door •Includes the proven Jetfire combustion system •A single appliance for cooking, baking, room heating and supplying energy to the heating system