USM Side Cabinet Medium

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Further information to USM Side Cabinet Medium


Dimensions:W / H / D 228,20 x 35,00 x 53,00 cm
Brand:USM Haller
Type:storage / file_cabinet
Material:(USM Green)  (Graphite black)  (Anthracite)  (Medium gray)  (Light gray)  (Pure White)  (Gentian blue)  (USM Beige)  (USM Ruby Red)  (USM Matte silver)  (Pure Orange)  (Golden yellow)  (USM Brown)  (Steel Blue) 
Tags:Bedroom, Workplace, Storage, USM Haller, Buffets and Sideboards, TV Sets


The USM Haller Side Cabinet makes the perfect TV and Hi-Fi furniture for your home. Easy to storage all your media devices and CDs behind its classic elegant front. Additional accessory elements are available to organise further the space inside the frame. The cabinet can be designed in combination with open frames for displaying books and decoration. The Side Cabinet Medium is available in 14 different colours.

Create your own USM Haller

All USM Haller solutions are customisable to fit your needs and lifestyle. The product line offers endless possibilities for the home and office. With its classical 14 different finishes, USM Haller combines both beautiful design and functionality. Start now your creative journey with Roomle and customise your own USM Haller storage solution and bring your creative ideas to life.

USM Haller Blue sideboard living room
USM Haller Bookcase White Living Room
USM Haller Yellow storage system at home