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Boost your online sales within minutes! Setup and rollout digital 3D/AR products in just a few simple steps to your sales channels.

How it works

Step 1

Easily upload 3D files

Create high-quality 3D products and AR at scale. Upload your 3D data and materials to our 3D data cloud and Roomle does the rest.

Works with: 3DS MAX, FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, glTF

Step 2

Review 3D model quality live

3D Viewer Coffee Machine

Preview your 3D data in just a few seconds live and receive immediate feedback about data quality for 3D experts / teams.

We also offer 3D modelling & optimization services via our partner network.

Step 3

Embed your products online

3D Product embedded online

Publish and embed your high-quality 3D / AR and customizable products in real-time to your sales and marketing channels with a simple code.

Free trial

Get hands-on. Upload 3D products and create configurable 3D content yourself and integrate them into any destination for a test scenario.

Analyze your 3D data

Check out fast if your 3D data meets all requirements for browser-based real-time 3D visualization on all devices.