Here comes the new Roomle App!

Improved functions, wrapped in a new brand design, lay the groundwork for the future of furniture shopping: simple, intuitive and anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Roomle has gone back to the drawing board, completely rethinking and once again improving the user experience. Seamless switching from desktop to mobile and back for ubiquitous planning and shopping is now possible: Recline in your settee with your partner to browse through furniture, use your mobile device to check if that beautiful chair in the shop window will really fit into your living room, or, being a retailer, use your desktop to plan and furnish complete rooms: Roomle is always „here and now“, wherever demand arises. Intuitive, spontaneous simplicity and unlimited access for everybody are its main propositions.

Starting the new app takes users straight to the inspiring Roomle furniture catalog. Latest 3-D and Augmented Reality technology provides hands-on planning support and visual inspiration. Innovative configuration and ordering options facilitate decision-making. Users can collect their picks in a “favorite” section and follow furniture shop links to buy on the spot. Roomle gives furniture set suggestions and displays “similar products” to expand choices.

In the very near future, users will even be able to edit their Roomle plans directly in the 3-D view. The Roomle Android version with even more exciting additions is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2017.

Roomle simplifies the planning and furnishing of living and office spaces. Everybody can use Roomle intuitively, without any training or instructions, to draw floor plans, design rooms, pick furniture, customize and order at the push of a button. Convincing 3-D and Augmented Reality views of planning results support choices and decision-making.

Roomle is the ultimate „pocket furniture shop” - the first cloud-based platform for planning-based, interactive furniture shopping, both mobile and in the web. Seamless platform switching is guaranteed. From the start, Roomle focused on user experience, radically simplifying the buying process for both users and industry.

Roomle has won numerous prestigious awards, among them Apple´s “App of the Year”, the “Red Dot Design Award”, the “German Design Awards” and the “UX Award” and has now a fanbase of more than two million enthusiastic users worldwide.

Available at the App Store and on the web.

Drawing tidy scale floor plans is done intuitively with the fingertip. Editing floor and wall colors and furnishing rooms will be easy like never before!

The new 3-D furniture catalog presents a huge and ever-growing range of trendy furniture. Colors, shapes and sizes of the items can be edited according to user preferences. Sophisticated functions and innovative selecting and ordering options support decision-making, resulting in perfectly furnished living or office spaces.

All furniture in the catalog is available for 3-D visualization. Users can take 3-D walks through their plans, viewing results from every angle. Roomle supports buying decisions with innovative functions, providing a realistic preview of the furnished rooms.

Augmented Reality displays furniture from the catalog in real environments. Roomle AR is available in all situations, on both mobile and desktop devices, simply using a mobile device camera.

Sharing plans and discussing them on social media is easy. Simply „post“ or e-mail a project to gather opinions of friends and relatives. Take inspiration from them to further refine your plans.

Make the perfect choice and buy at the push of a button: A large and ever-growing network of retail partners offers suitable products in online shops.

Roomle was founded in July 2014 by Albert Ortig. The company operates internationally, with a strong focus on optimizing market access and simplifying sales processes in the furniture industry. Roomle connects consumers, retail and producers, intending to innovate the dynamically changing furniture market with an exceptional digital service. Main investors are the aws venture capital fund and the Michael Grabner Media GmbH.