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Roomle free 3D floorplanner

Roomle 3D floorplanner for home & office design ideas

Roomle Web App

The Roomle Web App is an intuitive floor planning tool for setting up and visualising interior design ideas in 2D and 3D. The Web App is completely free to use - you only need to create a Roomle account if you wish to edit and save floor plans.

Works with:
Internet Browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
Operating System - Windows, Mac, Linux

Roomle 3D room planner for home & office design ideas

Roomle iOS App

The award-winning Roomle App is loved and trusted by over 2 million users worldwide. Setup floor plans, design rooms, to configure and purchase furniture. Immediately visualise your interior design ideas live in 3D and augmented reality (AR).

Works with:
Devices - iPad and iPhone
Operating System - iOS 8 or later version.

Roomle 3D floorplanner for home & office design ideas

Roomle Android Beta App

Roomle goes Android. Besides the very successful iOS version, the new Android app is equipped with a comprehensive 3D furniture catalog and the possibility to view objects live in your space in Augmented Reality.

Works with:
Operating System - Android 4.4 or later version

Download Roomle 3D/AR Catalog on Play Store

Interior Design for Everybody

Outstanding floorplanner, to design home & office plans, to furnish rooms, configure and visualise furniture instantly in 3-D, AR and VR.

Roomle Floorplan


Use your fingertips to draw clean floorplans. Change wall and floor colors and design plans that include furniture and decorative fixtures. Latest planning tool innovations make planning and furnishing a total breeze.


The 3-D catalog offers a huge and ever growing range of inspiring, trendy, elegant furniture. Select the items you like. Add and configure them, according to color, form, and size. Innovative functions and selection options make your search easier.

Over 1000 products available in the Roomle 3D / AR new catalog
Furniture 3D live Configurator Roomle


From simple product variations to complex customizable solutions - in a user-friendly, simple and playful way. Explore your individualized products live in 3-D and place your furniture creations augmented in your room.

View your ideas in 3D and AR

View plans live in 3D on iPhone & iPad Roomle App
View product in your room Augmented Reality Roomle App

Roomle free floorplanner for iOS and Web

Overall rating for Roomle:  
  (4.68/5 by 2766 ratings )
Interior design for everybody, free for Web and iOS. Clever and intuitive like no other productivity app Roomle assists you in finding, fitting and buying the right furniture for your homes and offices. Create floor plans, color walls, find brands like USM Haller, Vitra, HAY und IKEA in an inspiring 3-D catalog. Visualise your ideas in outstanding 3-D views or see any brand product in your room using augmented reality.
Anja - Germany
"Tolle App, einfach zu bedienen"
João - Brazil
"Fácil de manusear e bem prático"
Steven - USA
"I love this easy and fun app! It´s worth your download time"
Victoria - Spain
"Útil, práctico y sencillo. 100% recomendable"
Yaroslava - Russia
"Очень крутая программа!!! Всем советую!"
Alexandre - France
"Très bon pour projeter votre futur appartement"

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User ratings

4/5 - いいと思う
by , 13.12.2018 09:35
まぁ操作はむずいけど楽しいなぁ でも操作が簡単になればと思っています! .    n Λ_Λ     (ヨ(´・ω・`) イエァ!!!    ≡ y  と丿     ≡(_ノ ノ     ≡(ノ´
5/5 - Классно
by , 13.12.2018 02:11
Все хорошо. Только не знаю как обои выбрать
5/5 - Da
by , 09.12.2018 17:23
Super app +
5/5 - 感動
by , 06.12.2018 18:16
漫画の設定に使わせて貰っています。 物凄い数の家具を立ち位置を変えて360度見回せるので本当に重宝しています。
5/5 - Amazing
by , 05.12.2018 16:11
Truly amazing user friendly app. Fast and easy
5/5 - Genial
by , 04.12.2018 09:30
5/5 - More floors
by , 04.12.2018 07:01
Any idea to add floor?
5/5 - Simple yet beautiful
by , 04.12.2018 03:23
What I like most about this app is that it’s free. Sure there are privileges you get when you buy some parts but you already get great stuff with the available stuff that’s free. Its design is accurate and realistic, you get 3D and walk-through-the house mode. Although you do need time to get used to the controls and stuff but over all it’s the best and I highly recommend it :). Great job for the creators, thanks for making it free, it helped a lot for me, God bless :))
5/5 - This might be what I have been looking for
by , 03.12.2018 07:25
So far so good really enjoying working with this
5/5 - Baia baia
by , 03.12.2018 07:12
No pues yo solo quiero un cuarto y ya :v
5/5 - 天井編集
by , 29.11.2018 17:39
天井の編集希望 ドアの編集希望
4/5 - 上手
by , 29.11.2018 15:19
5/5 - hehebdbdueue
by , 29.11.2018 03:31
4/5 - Catálogo deficiente
by , 29.11.2018 03:16
Estoy diseñando un consultorio médico y no consigo nada que pueda utilizar, le falta variedad en texturas
5/5 - Отлично
by , 28.11.2018 10:00
Ребята постарались, удобное приложение, спланировать размещение мебели сам то
5/5 - За бесплатно - лучше не нашел
by , 26.11.2018 23:15
За бесплатно - лучше не нашел.
5/5 - Prestige
by , 25.11.2018 18:41
5/5 - Tolle App
by , 24.11.2018 17:36
Wenn man sich ein bisschen damit beschäftigt hat, macht das echt Spaß.
5/5 -
by , 24.11.2018 14:06
4/5 - J’aime mais
by , 24.11.2018 10:58
J’aime cette application elle est super réaliste c’est se que je chercher mais faire tourner un objet et assez compliquer
4/5 - Molto buona
by , 23.11.2018 21:13
Molto valida anche per me che sono incapace Unica cosa non trovo i termo Ma magari è colpa mia
4/5 - good
by , 22.11.2018 06:19
4/5 - Cool and Good
by , 20.11.2018 01:49
Maybe are the controls a bir easier and sometimes less confusing
4/5 - 暖炉はないんですか?
by , 19.11.2018 21:56
5/5 - Ок
by , 17.11.2018 11:34
Если разобраться, то очень крутое Приложение класс!)))