ARKit enabled — Roomle version 2.2

Roomle version 2.2 comes with enhanced Augmented Reality quality and a bunch of improvements. The incredibly simple user interface, matches all technologies — including Apple´s ARKit.

Brita Piovesan, 21.09.2017

Creating plans, selecting styles, individually configuring furniture, buying items by click and viewing the results in 2D/3D/VR and AR is a child´s play for everybody — both for mobile and web.

1. Improved AR quality:
View one or more items live in your room and experience a whole new quality — based on Apple´s ARKit. See objects everywhere from all places, perspectives and angles — markerless in 3D. Walk around your favorite furniture in real-time, view every single detail and see how it fits to your existing furniture at home.

Best-in-class augmented furniture visualization
Visualize more than 2 500 3D-furniture products and test them live in your room to crosscheck product styles, sizes, materials in real-time. Ensure that the new dinner table you are eyeing with also fits into your dining room and matches your style. Roomle´s AR functionality makes it easy for you to choose the right finishes, colors and product type in a relaxed and calm environment.

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