ARKit enabled — Roomle version 2.2

Roomle version 2.2 comes with enhanced Augmented Reality quality and a bunch of improvements. The incredibly simple user interface, matches all technologies — including Apple´s ARKit.

Brita Piovesan, 21.09.2017

Creating plans, selecting styles, individually configuring furniture, buying items by click and viewing the results in 2D/3D/VR and AR is a child´s play for everybody — both for mobile and web.

1. Improved AR quality:
View one or more items live in your room and experience a whole new quality — based on Apple´s ARKit. See objects everywhere from all places, perspectives and angles — markerless in 3D. Walk around your favorite furniture in real-time, view every single detail and see how it fits to your existing furniture at home.

Best-in-class augmented furniture visualization
Visualize more than 2 500 3D-furniture products and test them live in your room to crosscheck product styles, sizes, materials in real-time. Ensure that the new dinner table you are eyeing with also fits into your dining room and matches your style. Roomle´s AR functionality makes it easy for you to choose the right finishes, colors and product type in a relaxed and calm environment.

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2. Fast catalog loading:
We have speeded up our catalog loading times for you which enables you to furnish your rooms even faster. With immediate access to 2 500+ 3D-furniture items from various international design brands.

3. Offline usage:
Professional package users can use roomle now also offline. Once you are back online, your revised plans are finally synchronized on all platforms.

You work with Roomle on the go, you are traveling or you do not have access to any internet at your workspace? No problem: By upgrading to an professional package within the app you have the possibility to use Roomle´s offline mode. You can draw & furnish your floor plans, configure products live in 3D and visualize them augmented in any space offline. All changes are synchronized on all your devices as soon as you are back online.

Coming soon:
AR room scanning with the latest Apple devices:
With the iOS 11 start, we work intensively on AR room sketching. Additionally to the possibility to draw floor plans with your fingers, it is soon possible to measure rooms with all Apple devices as of iPhone 6 plus. Roomle will immediately create your floor plan — millimeter-exact. That´s how easy the floor plan creation will work out: