Meet Rubens - the 3D Configurator that will transform your e-commerce business

Our full logic 3D Product Configurator delivers outstanding 3D product visualizations in real time

>150 million

product configurations per year


visual 3D configuration, calculation, offer


All variants at the push of a button

Rubens meets the customer's need for individualization with the option of configuring products live in 3D - with automated 4k renderings if required. For all sales channels online and stationary, interface-based, for all furniture categories. At the same time, Rubens provides a complete, real-time priced item list for each individual configuration.

The 4 Levels of Visual 3D configuration

3D Viewer

Level 1
3D Viewer


  • HD Live 3D
  • Interactive 360° product visualization
  • App-less AR
  • Embed on any website

Material Configurator

Level 2
Material Configurator


  • HD Live 3D
  • App-less AR
  • Configure colors & materials
  • Multi-Channel integration
  • e-Commerce API
  • Embed on any website
  • Analytics

3D Product Configurator

Level 3
3D Product Configurator


  • HD live 3D
  • App-less AR
  • Parameter-based configuration
  • Modular system configuration
  • Multi-Channel integration
  • Configuration part list (BOM)
  • e-Commerce API
  • Price Service (CPQ)
  • Analytics

System Integration

Level 4
System Integration


  • HD Live 3D
  • App-less AR
  • Parameter-based configuration
  • Modular system configuration
  • Multi-Channel integration
  • Configuration part list (BOM)
  • e-Commerce API
  • Price Service (CPQ)
  • Analytics
  • Production API, CAD/CAM integration
  • Data Importer Automation (API)

Customizing physical products has never been so easy

Modular Configuration live in 3D

Your company is selling physical products? Rubens is your tailor made solution! Configure furniture in all details, ready for immediate production: with all parameters such as color, material, lengths, widths, heights, and including additional elements such as trays, shutters, doors, additional sofa elements with fittings, and much more. Get the actual price in real-time with every change of the configuration.

Live Price Calculation + Order Data

All configurations are available with a complete parts list and extensive price calculation. The result: Significantly shortened offer phase, error-free orders, and reduced back office workload.
CPQ gets a whole new meaning with 3d configuration and the fully automated process behind it.

Omni-Channel & Multi-Device Capable

Rubens is a configurator for all channels - B2B & B2C.
Works like a charm in web shops, center of attention at the point of sale and final decider at the sell-in, Rubens is a true all-star. For manufacturers, dealers and end consumers, we have the solution in terms of 3D visualization. Our 3D Configurator focuses on the user, delivering perfect availability of all interfaces on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Seamless Integration into E-Commerce Systems

Rubens is ready for seamless integration into all web shop systems (Hybris, Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, and many more). With live pricing via price API, automatic image generation of the configurations for transfer to the shopping cart, automatic article parts list compilation, and all this with brand-individual look and feel for your sales success.

Cloud-Based Product Management

Our cloud is your cloud! Create, manage and publish all products with individually defined user rights using the Rubens Product Data Cloud. You get access to our very own admin panel and will be able to adjust your 3D Configurator to your liking. But don’t worry, you can leave the difficult tasks to us!

Unmatched Visual Configurations

The Rubens Material Configurator delivers outstanding, almost photo-realistic live 3D visuals – in real-time during every configuration. High definition 4K 3D models give your customers a shopping experience that is unparalleled. Crystal clear material configurations even when zoomed in will leave no doubts in the buyer's mind during the shopping process.

    HD Renderings for Marketing Purposes

    Cut-out images at the push of a button: in all perspectives, in 360 degree visuals, and all conceivable variations. Usable on all channels - online and stationary. Whether taking out single drawers within a 3d shelves configurator or the laces within a sneaker configurator the workflow stays the same and you will have a live update on the price

    Analytics & Products statistics

    Data driven success: Our 3D product configurator gives you all the insights you need. You will learn how long your customers interact with what products and help you define your bestseller! Variant clusters, dimensions, colors, country-specific characteristics and other data bring completely new insights into your product range.

    Try Before you Buy: Lively Imagination Drives Purchases

    Rubens brings virtual furniture into real rooms, showing "live" how customized furniture items fit into ambiences. It shows products from every angle, in every position, in the correct size and highest visual quality - with Apple ARKit and Google ARCore.

    Feature Tour

    More smart features to change the e-Commerce sales game.

    One Configurator for all Products? Rubens can!

    Shelves, sideboards, cabinets, sofas, kitchens, tables, chairs – and non-furniture items as well: Rubens is open for any product category, providing an intuitive surface for configuring variants and product combinations.

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    Technical Highlights

    Rubens is ready for full integration into third-party systems via API interface, using the defined REST standard.

    Highly scalable, high-performant, available everywhere and GDPR-compliant. Targeted for the widest possible audience.

    Compatible with all current - and future - front-end technologies. HTML, iOS, Android, MX and many more.

    Ready for integration into all e-commerce systems. With `live´ pricing via price API and an extensive REST API.

    SDK iOS / web available
    Build your own front ends or integrate all functionalities into your iOS brand app – it´s easy with the Roomle SDKs.

    Open to third-party systems
    Rubens is designed to import inventory data and export configuration data. Open in all directions.

    Hybrid 3D qualities
    Low to high polygon 3D models in one platform - available for optimal live use and offline renderings.

    Personalized product catalog
    Publish your products on different channels with defined user rights. From sales staff to the end consumer.

    Data formats
    3D export (3ds, dxf, gltf, usdz, ...)
    Interfaces to CAD / CAM,
    Import of idm, ofml and other formats.

    Why Roomle?

    • All product categories are open for modular configuration

    • Highest user acceptance on all devices - for B2B and B2C

    • Automated cut-out images from every configuration

    • Live price calculation – country- and user-specific

    • Error-safe ordering with complete article parts lists

    • White-label version based on your corporate identity definition

    • Optional integration in ERP and CAD / CAM systems

    • Cloud-based, therefore available everywhere, and always up-to-date

    • Maximum flexibility and control for your products

    Get started! Data Services for your sales sucess

    You need support in digitizing your products?
    Our certified service partners make your products configurable - manually to highly automated. With superior speed and efficiency, in highest quality, and adapted to your available inventory data for an optimal configurator.

    Would you like to produce your configuration data yourself? Our sales team will advise you on our configurator data system training & platform offering to qualify your teams.

    Roomle is a partner of the DCC (Data Competence Center).

    In Excellent Company

    Famous manufacturers around the world use Roomle to sell their products intuitively - online and in stores.

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