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High-end photorealistic Rendering of your product. Reset your products live in 3D and Augmented Reality online and increase online sales. Works on all devices.

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84 %

increased product engagement

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longer session duration

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increased page views with customizable 3D

Drive product engagement and visualize your products live in 3D in vivid realism. Showcase your products from every angle and level of detail in photo-realistic quality and inspire your costumers.

Perfect fit for all products & industries. Rubens can!

No limits – Rubens is open for any product. Try out fully interactive 3D & AR products yourself.

Discover the 3D Viewer

Superior quality & fully interactive 3D Viewer

Inspire customers and present products in a new dimension with interactive features like zoom and 360-degree rotation.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Digital Storytelling

Enrich your e-Commerce or or in-store presentation, advertising, social media campaigns and increase product engagement with fully interactive 3D products.

multi-platform accessability

Ready for all devices

No limitations. Rubens is designed as a plugin-free solution for the integration into your channels for all devices - desktop, smartphones, tablets.

Setup 3D Viewer for your products

Simply upload your compatible 3D files - our platform does the rest. Ready for online integration into your channels - with a simple link.

Try before you buy

Augmented Reality without an App – an opportunity for any product. Rubens offers a complete "app-less AR" experience, to quickly and directly visualise products in any space. No App – full experience for all mobile devices.

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Technical Highlights

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Superior live visualization

Visualize your products live in highest real-time 3D quality and increase customer engagement on the fly.

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Interactive 3D visuals

Create an outstanding shopping experience by offering a unique interactive 3D & AR product presentation online. No need to download plugins.

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Superior live visualization

Share the Rubens 3D viewer with a simple link or integrate on any website with a simple embed via iframe-integration.

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WebGL on state of the art technology enables us to load and distribute 3D visuals real-time in millieseconds.

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Measure success

Generate insights on your website visitors increased product interaction and how this impacts your final sales conversion.

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All your digital 3D assets are hosted and distributed incredibly fast via the Roomle cloud. You only have to take care about embedding.

Free trial

Get hands-on. Upload your 3D products and integrate them in 3D and AR into any destination for a test scenario. Works on all devices.

Analyze your 3D data

Check out fast if your 3D data meets all requirements for browser-based real-time 3D visualization on all devices.