Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) offers immersive product experiences, boosts brand awareness and ultimately increases sales conversion by actively supporting the buying decision. The Rubens AR feature is fully web-based, meaning that there is no app download or installation required to instantly merge the digital and physical world to view products live in every space.

AR directly influences commerce purchase decisions

> 70%

of customers who have experienced AR, prefer it over video

+ 94%

increase in online conversion rates

- 40%

reduction in product returns

The 3 Pillars of Augmented Reality

  • Increased probability of the user buying the product.

  • Improved customer engagement and social sharing

  • Immersive experiences bridge the gap between online and offline shopping.

Enchant your User Journeys with AR Magic

Combining the physical world with the digital world creates new and exciting shopping experiences. Augmented Reality allows you to do just that and enables you to reach your customers where it matters.

Effortlessly Stunning

Convenience for online shopping comes a long way. Roomle took that approach and made sure that our customers can use Augmented Reality without the need of an application or a software.
After a user is done with his 3D configuration, he will receive a QR-Code he can scan with his smartphone and the product is ready to be placed in the user's space. Now it is time to find the perfect location for the Augmented Reality product visualization. Once the object has been placed, the customer will know exactly how the configured product will look like in real life - no hesitation, no uncertainty, just satisfied customers.

Exclusive Offer for Furniture Manufacturers and Retailers

The Rubens 3D Catalog is a collection of furniture pieces by a variety of brands in the form of 3D visuals. The Roomle team curates the 3D Catalog and selects 3D products for our worldwide sales community.

For Manufacturers

Join the Rubens 3D Catalog and get your products listed for free

Basic Product Configurator

For Retailers

Leverage and use the power of 3D and augmented reality for your own sales channels.

Full-logic Configurator

See it - Believe it

Simply start simple.

Similar to a YouTube Video you only need a short embedding code to display your products as interactive 360° visuals and of course use the full power of AR. You don't need any special training or coding skills to add AR-Magic to your Website.

Integration - Seamless and Limitless

The best features are still useless if they can't be implemented properly. Our API-based approach allows us to integrate all of our solutions and features into any common eCommerce platform and even internal systems like CRM, ERP, PIM, CAD, CAM and many more.

The Future of 3D Content

80% of retailers think in five years time most eCommerce retailers will have built immersive shopping experiences. Visual Commerce allows retailers to increase sales, reduce costs and get a competitive advantage as a result.

Ready for more?

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