Product Configurator

Boost your sales with the most powerful 3D & AR Product Configurator solution in the market and generate 100% error-free orders.
From Basic to Full-logic product configuration.


+49 %

of customers can better
imagine the product

+47 %

increase in sales through the use of interactive 3D/AR content

+150 %

longer session duration
with 3D products

Boost your Sales with our Customer-Centric Configurator

Simplify the process of building complex and customizable products, offering customers an engaging and efficient shopping experience. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined customization process, customers can create their dream products with ease, resulting in higher purchase probabilities and increased customer loyalty.

Explore the perfect Configurator for your Business

Basic Product Configurator

Provide your sales channels or physical sales teams with 3D & AR product configurators.

Basic Product Configurator

Full-logic Configurator

Configure complex products with full logic and generate 100% error-free orders.

Full-logic Configurator

Transform your e-commerce business


Variety in variants - No limitation

Discover a wide range of product variants in fully interactive and photorealistic 3D quality. Enhance your E-commerce presence, advertising, or social media campaigns with instant customization of product materials and colors. With just one click, you can showcase product variants in any space and bring them to life for your customers.


Live Price Calculation + Order Data

All configurations are available with a complete parts list and extensive price calculation. The result: Significantly shortened offer phase, error-free orders, and reduced back office workload.
CPQ gets a whole new meaning with 3D configuration and the fully automated process behind it.


Omni-Channel & Multi-Device Capable

One configurator for all channels - B2B & B2C.
Works like a charm in web shops, center of attention at the point of sale and final decider at the sell-in. A true all-star. For manufacturers, dealers and end consumers, we have the solution in terms of 3D visualization. Our 3D Configurator focuses on the user, delivering perfect availability of all interfaces on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

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Driven by our customers' success

Famous manufacturers around the world use Rubens to sell their products intuitively - online and in stores.

  • Rolf Benz Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Rolf Benz is a manufacturer of upmarket upholstered furniture. Introducing the 3D & AR sofa configurator, Freistil paves the way for omni-channel product sales, providing both retail partners and shoppers with attractive standardized high-quality 3D and AR product presentations.

  • Metro Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Metro is synonymous with high-quality storage solutions, holding over 200 patents and exceeding customer expectations with innovative products and services for nearly a century. Metro uses the 3D & AR configurator to let their clients to customize and specify in 3D.

  • Moebe Configurator

    Visit Customer Website, leading furniture producer, utilizes the 3D & AR configurator to empower customers in customizing their furniture designs, enabling them to create personalized and tailored pieces that perfectly fit their unique preferences and needs.

  • Biohort Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Biohort is the market leader in the field of storage solutions. With the implementation of 3D configurators, Biohort improved customer experience and increased online sales as well as the quality of sales advice within their sales network.

  • Vallone Bath Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Vallone, a distinguished bath producer, leverages a 3D configurator to provide customers with a visual and interactive platform for designing their dream bathrooms.

  • Visplay Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Expert shop fitter Visplay utilizes the 3D & AR product configurator to not only provide a modern digital shopping experience for its customized and technologically advanced retail solutions but also to enhance the contact quality of B2B order inquiries in the shop fitting market, resulting in increased leads and improved customer engagement.

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Get yourself connected

All products can be seamlessly embedded online and offline across various shop-platforms, e-commerce systems and channels.

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Seamless Product Set and Room Configuration

Elevate your product configuration experience with Rubens Room Designer. It goes beyond mere product customization, allowing you to effortlessly configure and purchase entire product sets or even entire rooms with just a simple touch. Experience the convenience of creating and visualizing your perfect space at the click of a button.

Technical Highlights

Rubens is ready for full integration into third-party systems via API interface, using the defined REST standard.

Highly scalable, high-performant, available everywhere and GDPR-compliant. Targeted for the widest possible audience.

Compatible with all current - and future - front-end technologies. HTML, iOS, Android, MX and many more.

Ready for integration into all e-commerce systems. With `live´ pricing via price API and an extensive REST API.

SDK iOS / web available
Build your own front ends or integrate all functionalities into your iOS brand app – it´s easy with the Rubens SDKs.

Open to third-party systems
Rubens is designed to import inventory data and export configuration data. Open in all directions.

Hybrid 3D qualities
Low to high polygon 3D models in one platform - available for optimal live use and offline renderings.

Personalized product catalog
Publish your products on different channels with defined user rights. From sales staff to the end consumer.

Data formats
3D export (3ds, dxf, gltf, usdz, ...)
Interfaces to CAD / CAM,
Import of idm, ofml and other formats.

Step-by-step to a successful configurator project:

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The most important insights for a smooth implementation.

Basic Product Configurator

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