Rubens 3D Bathroom Configurator

Convince customers with Rubens, the high-quality 3D Bathroom Configuration Solution and increase your sales. The Rubens Sales Configurator enables visual and personalized product sales for both B2B and B2C customers.

A Solution Ideal for:

Bathroom furniture manufacturers & retailers

Marketplaces & online shops

Hardware stores & retail chains

Bathroom & sanitary industry

Increase Sales with Interactive 3D Configurations

From the washbasin to the faucet, customers can configure all variants of their desired product online and immediately project them into their own living spaces. This accelerates purchase decisions and creates unique sales experiences. Only what can be ordered and produced is configured.

Benefits for Sales Teams and Consumers

Live HD Visualisation Quality

With high-quality visualizations and live rendering, customers can view products with exceptional detail and realism. From impressive textures to vibrant colors, products are presented as if they were right in front of the customer's eyes.

Order all products out of a room plan

Real-Time Configuration and Fast Loading Times with Live Price Calculation

All configurations can be made available immediately and in in real-time with a complete itemized list and extensive price calculation. Thanks to fast loading times, you'll experience a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The result: significantly shortened quotation phases, error-free orders, and reduced back-office workload.

Efficient Consultation at the Point of Sale

Visual, rule-based 3D configurators save your employees valuable time, reduce costs, and expedite the ordering process, even during on-site consultations. With Rubens, all bathroom furniture categories can be fully presented and configured in 3D directly at the point of sale.

Order all products out of a room plan

Save Configuration and Share via Email

Share designs with friends, family, or colleagues to gather feedback before making the final decision. Better purchasing decisions are made when seeking the opinions of others.

Intuitive B2B & B2C Sales Configuration:

Rule-Based Modular Configuration

Full-logic Configurator

Configure Cabinet Variants Easily

Basic Product Configurator

Rule-Based Accessory Planning

Full-logic Configurator

Configuration Across All Devices

Basic Product Configurator

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Delight Customers with Variant Diversity

Lifetime Configuration Links

Customers receive permanent access to various product variants directly at the Point of Sale (POS) with Lifetime Configuration Links, enabling flexible entry into configuration.

Direct Entry into Configuration Variants

Rubens enables direct access to various configuration variants, allowing users to effortlessly select the desired option and start customization immediately. A time-saving and user-friendly experience.

Interactive Variant Presentation

The configurator allows visualization of various variants or types of a product. By clicking on the desired variant, the corresponding configuration opens in the configurator.

Live-Fitting Experience: Augmented Reality Visualization

Every product live in the room, showroom, or customer's home at the touch of a button.

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Configure and Order Instantly

Seamless integration to the ERP system is ensured through an interface. Additionally, the solution can be integrated into the online shop, including sales lists and direct product inquiries via the customer website.

On-Demand Sales Lists

Full-logic Configurator

Online Product Inquiries

Basic Product Configurator

Instant Image Export...

The configurator enables direct downloading of product images. Flexibility means exporting images from various perspectives in HD live quality to optimally present products and leverage marketing channels.

...or: High-Quality Renderings for Marketing Activities

Create high-quality 4K renderings of any variant with just one click. Perfect for print catalogs, social media, marketing campaigns, and more.

All Features at a Glance

High-Quality Visualization and Live Rendering

Intuitive B2B and B2C Sales Configuration Across All Devices

Easy Configuration of Cabinet Furniture Variants

Rule-Based, Modular Configuration

Customizable Product Dimensions

On-Demand Sales List

3D Configurator Consultation at Point of Sale

3D Planning of Cabinet Furniture Accessories

Save and Share Configurations via Email

Rubens Room Designer Experience

From Product Configuration to Planning a Complete Bathroom: With the Room Designer, configurable furniture can be directly planned in the space to provide a better visualization and then ordered online immediately.

Customer References


Custom Interface
(Implemented by Reuter)

3D Sofa Konfigurator

Custom Interface
(Implemented by Vallone Agency Partner)
Parameter-Based Configuration


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