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Plan, visualise and order garden solutions

Biohort is the market leader in storage solutions with a wide range of products, from tool sheds and bicycle garages to waste bin boxes.


Biohort aimed to improve the shopping experience for customers while increasing the effectiveness of sales advice in their distribution network. By implementing the Rubens 3D configurator on their website, Biohort achieved both an attractive shopping experience and more effective sales advice, resulting in measurably increased online sales.

Biohort Fact Sheet

Industry: Storage solutions
Distribution: B2C
Project start: 2018
Goal: E-commerce sales
Shop platforms: Pimcore (previously Typo3 + Magento)

The configurator data was created manually by the Roomle team.


Biohort was looking for an effective 3D tool to demonstrate the high level of customisability of its sheds and to enable customers and partners to configure them easily. With this tool, customers and partners should be able to navigate effortlessly through the multitude of options, from size to door variant, and design their individual shed. In addition, products from the wide Biohort range, including tool sheds and bin boxes, were to be configured in 3D on the website and viewed in their own environment using augmented reality. They were looking for a technology that would also improve on-site customer advice and enable a digital presentation of the products by the retail partners.


Order all products out of a room plan

The challenge was to use a product configurator to herald the next stage of growth in sales and make Biohort's advice-intensive product range accessible to customers and sales partners europe-wide 24/7 at the point of sale. The aim was to strengthen and simplify the sale of accessories and complex modular product systems in addition to the sale of bestsellers. The aim was to ensure simple and intuitive configuration of the products as well as first-class display quality and a seamless user journey from product inspiration to purchase. The central questions were:

  • How can the customer's wide range of products be made available intuitively in every sales channel?

  • How can the customer's high-quality products be presented online realistically and in line with the requirements of a premium brand?

  • How can intuitive usability be ensured for end customers and retail partners?


Biohort benefited from Roomle's many years of experience in the field of customised product configurators. Thanks to the Rubens 3D configurator, products such as garden sheds and tool cabinets can be presented in the online shop with the highest visualisation quality and speed. All details, materials and colours are clearly displayed, allowing customers to better visualise their products and make better purchasing decisions.
It is particularly worth emphasising that Biohort has implemented the integration of the Rubens configurator in an exemplary manner. Customers can move seamlessly from configuration to purchase, with error-free ordering guaranteed by the Roomle parts list and live price calculation. Through features such as direct product links and the ability to save variants, Biohort is implementing best practices for successful integration.

Discover Biohort's Configurator Solution

In this video, we show how Biohort has integrated the Rubens configurator into its website and how easily and intuitively it can be used to design customised solutions for the garden. The smooth implementation into the company's website environment is particularly noteworthy.

Try it yourself!

Get inspired and try out the configurator right away.

Impress with User-Friendliness and Error-free Orders.

The positive feedback from customers and retailers on our user-friendliness shows that we are on the right track. We have also noticed that the improved usability means we have fewer returns and can guarantee error-free orders.

DI Maximilian Priglinger, Managing Director
Biohort GmbH

Live Fitting Experience: Augmented Reality Visualisation

Every product live in the garden, in the customer's home or in the showroom at the touch of a button.


Shopping Experience at the Point-of-Sale


Flexible 3D configuration on all devices

High-quality visualisations and live display quality allow customers to view products in exceptional detail and realism. From impressive textures to vibrant colours, products are presented as if they were right in front of the customer's eyes.


Real-time configuration and fast loading times with live price calculation

All configurations can be made available immediately and in real time with a complete parts list and comprehensive price calculation. Thanks to fast loading times, you experience a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The result: significantly shortened quotation phases, error-free orders and reduced back-office work.


Instant Point-of-Sale Consultation

The 3D configuration of your favourite product with all end devices - be it a desktop PC, mobile device or tablet - gives customers the freedom to design their perfect solution for the garden conveniently and flexibly from anywhere.

The Rubens solution at a Glance

High-quality visualisation and real-time display quality

Simple configuration of outdoor solutions and accessories

Rule-based, modular configuration for products of all complexities

Try-before-you-buy experience (AR) supports the purchase decision

Sales parts list & live price calculation increases sales

Save and Share Configurations via Email

Insider Interview

The implementation of the 3D configurator has had an extremely positive effect and has led to a significant improvement in the conversion rate in the online shop.

Christoph Strutzenberger, E-Commerce-Spezialist
Biohort GmbH

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