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Transform online room set sales with our intuitive and mobile-friendly platform. Effortlessly design, style, and configure personalized spaces for an exceptional shopping experience.

Boost your e-commerce with interactive 3D room sets

Trusted by over 5 million users for effortless room design and integration, this intuitive solution is offered on all devices. Now, it also allows your B2B sales teams and your customers to turn their ideas into 2D and 3D room layouts. In addition, entire product sets can be ordered and displayed - in photo-realistic quality and at high speed. Automatically generate new business leads, quotes and orders with the Rubens API for maximum efficiency and growth. The Rubens Room Designer supports the shopping journey in a complete new way.

Empower your customers to choose, plan and configure your products with an immersive experience

Build room plans or product sets incredibly fast with ease and support the shopping experience for your customers. Our solution offers full flexibility: Let your customers interact with fully furnished rooms, dedicated product sets and customization options for each product in your catalog.

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Configure product sets and bring your plans to life with AR

Integrate the Room Designer wherever you´re Selling

Simplified room and product set creation

A child's play for everyone. Create virtual rooms in 2D & 3D with your fingertips or start with a room shape and customize every detail from floor to wall color in HD quality. Let customers and dealers add products from your catalog, no matter if highly configurable or just simple 3D SKU´s and finally design & style spaces fast.

Order all products out of a room plan

The best way to shop product bundles & whole rooms

Instead of ordering a single product, your customers can now fill entire rooms with a range of products while seeing how the products fit and look together. Allow potential customers and shoppers a quick and easy way to select and visualize product bundles with live price calculation and an accessible product parts list (BOM). The Rubens API connects to your web shop checkout or enables you to send plan-based product requests.

Mobile ready

Mobile-first approach: More than 60,2% of online traffic is predicted to run via mobile devices in 2023 and therefore the number of mobile shoppers is growing significantly globally. Convert mobile visitors into direct shoppers by enabling them to design, plan, configure and buy product bundles or a whole room in one click from their smartphone.

Explore the Rubens Experience

Inspire your customers and increase sales with customizable embedded scenarios for living spaces, product groups, offices and more.

Living Room


Product Set

Office Plan

Hay Dining Set

Small Meeting Room

Laundry Layout

Living and Sleeping

Office 52m²

Perfect Match with your online shop, ERP, CRM, PIM

Powerful API´s to connect with your business systems

Let your customers or sales teams intuitively plan with products sets or whole room layouts and finally generate new business leads, product requests or fully automated orders online. Rubens Room Designer perfectly pairs with your ERP, CRM, PIM and CPQ systems, to configure, quote and speed up the sales process - with comprehensive interfaces in both directions.

Ready for your e-Commerce shopping experience

Rubens is designed to be embedded seamlessly into all web and e-Commerce platforms (Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce, Magento, Salesforce and many more). Convince your customers with an interactive and playful product and room planning shopping experience via a simple embedding iFrame. Connect your shop systems directly with Rubens via API and receive all relevant order data (BOM) to enable a smooth check-out process.

Share and access your rooms everywhere

One-link sharing makes your 3D product bundles and room plans accessible for customers and sales teams anytime across all platforms. When embedded into your websites or your dealers channels all plan links can be fully customized to your domains for a seamless conversion at any time.

Save and share room plans & room sets via link

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