Visualize, customize and sell furniture products better in 3D & AR


Consumer Goods

Increase product experience with real-time 3D & AR solutions

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Better visualize, customize and sell furniture products in 3D & AR

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Manufacturing & Construction

Increase sales quality with 3D configuration & AR solutions

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  • Rolf Benz sets the stage for omni-channel product sales by creating an engaging and standardized 3D & AR product customization experience for both end consumers and retail partners.

  • The shopfitting expert Visplay introduced a 3D product configurator for highly complex and modular shelf systems to increase B2B sales performance and business requests online.

  • The market leader for storage systems upgraded the customer experience with 3D configurators, increased online sales as well as sales consulting quality within their sales network.

  • The sofa manufacturer Mudju increased both online and showroom sales with 3D sofa configurators and rendering automation (CGI) fully integrated into their e-Commerce landscape.

  • GalleryM, a manufacturer for living and home products maximized its online sales performance by offering a personal, unique and high-quality 3D configuration experience for all devices.

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