Rubens 3D Viewer

Breathe Life into your Products!
Display your products as high-quality 360° visuals from every angle and use the power of Augmented Reality to increase online sales.

Key Functionalities

Interactive 360° View

The user is able to explore the product from every angle by rotating it with his mouse or his fingertip, depending on the device he is on.

App-less Augmented Reality

With the Augmented Reality feature the user is able to overlay the digital product into the real world. He is able to see how the product looks like in his own environment and whether it fits with the rest of the furnishing.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

High Definition Displaying Quality

With our state-of-the-art solution, the displaying quality of the Rubens 3D Viewer is one of the best on the market.

Simple Integration via Copy&Paste

The integration of the Rubens 3D Viewer happens via simply copying a code snippet into your channels. Rubens is embedded as an iFrame and no coding experience is needed for the integration.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Highly Scalable

Rubens can be implemented into Websites, eCommerce shops, in-store applications, internal systems and many other channels. There are no geographical restrictions and the integration happens in an instant, which is why Rubens is a highly scalable business solution.

Benefits of the Rubens 3D Viewer

Better Product Presentation

Confident Buying Decisons

Less Product Returns

84 %

increased product engagement

150 %

longer session duration

40 %

increased sales with 3D visuals

Try it yourself!

Explore how the Rubens 3D Viewer can look like for different industries and products.

Are you on any of these platforms?

The Rubens 3D Viewer is compatible with all of them and many more.

Start for Free with the Rubens 3D Catalog

The Rubens 3D Catalog is a collection of furniture pieces by a variety of brands in the form of 3D visuals. The Roomle team curates the Rubens 3D Catalog and selects 3D products for our worldwide sales community.

For Manufacturers

Join the Rubens 3D Catalog and get your products listed for free

Basic Product Configurator

For Retailers

Leverage and use the power of 3D and augmented reality for your own sales channels.

Full-logic Configurator

How to get started

Start with an Image

Send us your product images, or links to your product pages.

3D Model Creation

We will now create 3D models out of your product images.

Integration of the 3D Viewer

You can now integrate the interactive 3D Viewer into your Website.

Already got 3D Data? Analyze it!

With our free 3D data analyzer tool, the evaluation of your existing 3D data quality is easy and intuitive. The real-time 3D preview tool provides instant visual feedback on data quality and platform fit.

Contact us!

If you are already imagining your own products as shiny 3D visuals, let us know and we'll make it happen!

Next Step: Configuration

A 3D Viewer is usually just the beginning, the real value comes when the customer is able to configure a desired product

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Add a touch of individuality to your products

Displaying products as high definition 3D visuals is usually just the first step to eCommerce greatness. It is a great way to start, because the entry barrier to the 3D world is rather small.

However, the real leverage comes with product customization.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Powerful alone, better together

Some products only really start to shine, when they are displayed together, so the customer sees how well they fit together. Showcase your products as sets or in a whole room scenario, so a customer knows beforehand if their favorite coffee-table fits into their living room.

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