Full of Plans

Roomle technologies revolutionize the furniture industry and other industries as well. The central theme: digitized products, configurable on all sales channels.

Roomle Rubens is the first “open full logic 3D configurator” capable of seamlessly modelling digital products with photographic realism, including all their parameters and structural elements. The 3D product model can be positioned and experienced in its own space using appless augmented reality. It can even be shown in a 4k rendering before it has actually been produced.

Founded in Austria in 2014, Roomle is now an international pioneer and leader in visual product configurators - setting a new global standard in this field with the Roomle Rubens Configurator. Roomle employs 20 people at the creative hotspot Tabakfabrik Linz. CEO is Albert Ortig.

Roomle Mission

"To create a better online product experience we offer services to digitize and experience products better than in reality. We strongly believe that there is always room for improvement."

Our Values

  • Resource friendly
    In everything we do we try to be resource friendly and take care about our environment. One of the most valuable resources is time, hence we try to work efficient, help others to be efficient and automate everything possible.

  • Work with respect and at eye level
    We treat everyone with respect no matter of background or position. We meet each other at eye level and recognize everyone's ideas and contributions to build an environment where innovation and creativity will thrive.

  • Purpose driven
    We believe that everything that does not bring purpose or value to us or our users is a waste of resources and not worth the time.

  • Take ownership
    We take responsibility and ownership instead of waiting for them to be assigned.

  • User centric
    Our work is based on the needs & demands of our users. We are dedicated to help them succeed and support them along our common journey.

  • Honest and trustworthy
    We want to communicate open and honest internally and externally. We do not promise what we cannot deliver but we stand up for what we promise.

  • Strive to improve
    We are never satisfied with the status quo and always see opportunities to improve.
    We help each other learn and grow by giving feedback and discuss things we are passionate about. We continually improve and adapt our working environment, products and services to turn them into the best solutions possible.