Rubens Shelf Configurator

Looking for a Shelf Configurator for your Business?
Well, you came to the right place! With the Rubens 3D Configurator mundane product images of your shelves truly come alive. Even the most complex shelf-systems turn into interactive and configurable 3D products.

In case you need more convincing

+60 %

of online shoppers want more interactive 3D & AR experiences

+45 %

increased sales through the usage of interactive 3D elements

+150 %

longer session durations & buying confidence with 3D products

Example how one of our Customer uses Rubens for their Shelves

Try it yourself!

Click through the Slider below to see how Product Configuration looks for different furniture pieces

Some More Benefits of a 3D Configurator


Interactive 360° 3D Viewer to discover your product live 


'Try before you buy' Experience with the power of Augmented Reality

Driven by our customers' success

Famous manufacturers around the world use Roomle to sell their products intuitively - online and in stores.

  • Moebe Configurator

    Visit Customer Website, leading furniture producer, utilizes the 3D & AR configurator to empower customers in customizing their furniture designs, enabling them to create personalized and tailored pieces that perfectly fit their unique preferences and needs.

  • Metro Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Metro is synonymous with high-quality storage solutions, holding over 200 patents and exceeding customer expectations with innovative products and services for nearly a century. Metro uses the 3D & AR configurator to let their clients to customize and specify in 3D.

  • Rolf Benz Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Rolf Benz is a manufacturer of upmarket upholstered furniture. Introducing the 3D & AR sofa configurator, Freistil paves the way for omni-channel product sales, providing both retail partners and shoppers with attractive standardized high-quality 3D and AR product presentations.

  • Biohort Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Biohort is the market leader in the field of storage solutions. With the implementation of 3D configurators, Biohort improved customer experience and increased online sales as well as the quality of sales advice within their sales network.

  • Vallone Bath Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Vallone, a distinguished bath producer, leverages a 3D configurator to provide customers with a visual and interactive platform for designing their dream bathrooms.

  • Visplay Configurator

    Visit Customer Website
    Expert shop fitter Visplay utilizes the 3D & AR product configurator to not only provide a modern digital shopping experience for its customized and technologically advanced retail solutions but also to enhance the contact quality of B2B order inquiries in the shop fitting market, resulting in increased leads and improved customer engagement.

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