3D configurators for the food service industry

Configure, plan, visualize, order - all for bar systems and food service products.

With over 70 years of industry expertise, Krowne is a top US manufacturer of commercial bar and restaurant equipment. From underbar and refrigeration gear to plumbing parts, Krowne offers tailored, user-friendly, and energy-efficient solutions.


Krowne is committed to revolutionizing the design process for commercial bar and beverage systems by providing customers and designers access to a user-friendly 3D/Augmented Reality configurator. The Rubens Product Configurator offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in configuring and visualizing bar layouts.

Krowne Fact Sheet

Industry: Food Sercive solutions
Distribution: B2C
Project start: 2023

The configurator data setup was handled by a US service partner.


Traditionally, designing commercial bar and beverage systems was a meticulous process that often spanned weeks to finalize configurations. Customers and designers encountered challenges in accurately visualizing the layout and making adjustments according to their needs.


Order all products out of a room plan

The opportunity was to streamline the design processes, recognizing that traditional methods demanded considerable time from both customers and designers. Furthermore, enhancing visualization capabilities was seen as essential, empowering customers and designers to vividly envision the final bar layout. Additionally, simplifying complex calculations for technical specifications like BTU, horsepower, and space constraints was identified as a key area for improvement to reduce errors and enhance efficiency.


By implementing four innovative configurators (BeerFlex, BarFlex, FridgeFlex, and FaucetFlex), Krowne empowers its customers and designers to interactively design and visualize bar layouts, bar systems, and food service products. The seamless integration of over 10,000 configurations drastically reduces design time from weeks to just a few minutes, saving valuable resources for both customers and designers. Additionally, the enhanced visualization capabilities enable more accurate and tailored bar layouts that meet individual customer requirements. Krowne's internal algorithms automate complex calculations to ensure precise technical specifications, minimize errors, and optimize system performance. Furthermore, the automated ordering process simplifies procurement and logistics, leading to faster project completion.

Discover Krowne´s Configurator Solution

In the video, Krowne demonstrates the seamless integration of the Rubens configurator into their website. In addition to product configuration, it also enables intuitive space planning to enhance imagination. This allows for the rapid creation of customized solutions that can be ordered with the click of a button and manufactured immediately.

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Revolutionary Efficiency Boost: From Weeks to Minutes.

What used to take weeks can now be accomplished in minutes, all thanks to the intuitive user interface and extensive customization options. Our customers are thrilled with the results, and our staff is better positioned than ever.

Kyle Forman, President
Krowne Metal Corporation

Live Fitting Experience: Augmented Reality Visualisation

Every product instantly brought to life in the customer's space, home, or showroom at the touch of a button.


Shopping Experience at the Point-of-Sale


Flexible 3D Configuration Across All Devices

With high-quality visualizations and live rendering capabilities, customers can view products with exceptional detail and realism. From impressive textures to vibrant colors, products are presented as if they were right in front of the customer's eyes.

Real-time Configuration and Fast Loading Times with Live Pricing Calculation

All configurations can be made available immediately and in real time with a complete parts list and comprehensive price calculation. Thanks to fast loading times, you experience a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The result: significantly shortened quotation phases, error-free orders and reduced back-office work.


Instant Point-of-Sale Consultation

The 3D configuration of your favourite product with all end devices - be it a desktop PC, mobile device or tablet - gives customers the freedom to design their perfect solution for the garden conveniently and flexibly from anywhere.

Real-time configuration and fast loading times with live price calculation

All configurations can be instantly available in real-time with a complete itemized list and comprehensive price calculation. Thanks to fast loading times, you'll experience a smooth and intuitive shopping journey. The outcome: significantly shortened quoting phases, error-free orders, and reduced back-office effort.

The Rubens solution at a Glance

High-quality visualisation and real-time display quality

Simple configuration of outdoor solutions and accessories

Rule-based, modular configuration for products of all complexities

Try-before-you-buy experience (AR) supports the purchase decision

Sales parts list & live price calculation increases sales

Save and Share Configurations via Email

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