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Increase end-to-end process efficiency: Rubens pairs perfectly with your tech stack - integrations into ERP, CAD/CAM, PIM and production systems.

Increase process efficiency across your entire organisation

Sell-in products faster with the Rubens 3D configurator

Unrivalled efficiency

Sell-in products faster and convince customers with instant product offers with unrivalled speed and visualization quality.

Manage your 3D configurator products in an easy way

All your data perfectly works together

All your products construction, configuration and commercial data consolidated in one catalog used across your entire sales process.

Automate your product sales and quote-to-production process

One unified process workflow

Bring your business to the next level and fully automate and synchronize your entire sales and quote-to-production process.

ERP & Corporate systems

The Rubens Configurator delivers beyond mere configuring: It is ready for full integration into your corporate systems and order processes, with comprehensive interfaces in both directions. Basis is the part list of each individual configuration which can be transferred to your target systems in different exchange formats (XML, JSON, CSV, ...) for further processing.

No system limitations: Rubens comes with a comprehensive open API which enables sending and receiving information from any business systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Sage, infor and many more.

Accessible data:

  • part list information including commercial order data
  • entire configuration data
  • item master data
  • images of the unique configuration
  • 3D file exports
AR furniture arrangement in grey room

CAD/CAM & Production

Rubens enables a paradigm shift in the production environment. It is possible for the first time to separate the design layer from the construction layer for a high-performing and high-quality sales configuration.

In the classic approach, a system furniture must be defined in terms of design and its effect on the construction. With Rubens' connection to the construction layer, these tasks can be distributed to different applications.

  • Rules based design & execution (covered by Rubens)
    Product configuration for design, dimensions and materials
  • Rules based design & execution (covered by CAD/CAM systems)
    Determination of the technical design such as connectors, fittings, rows of holes, panel transitions, work preparation processes, production routings

This enables complete flexibility in processing towards internal systems and results in possible scenarios such as dynamic fitting assignments including related production processing steps.

CAD/CAM & Production integration with Rubens

Accelerate your business

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