Rubens 3D Sofa Configurator

Presenting, configuring and selling upholstered furniture of all levels of complexity online in the highest quality - easier than ever. The user-friendly interface and optimised customisation process allow customers to effortlessly design their individual dream sofa. This increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of purchase and - thanks to the omni-channel solution - is possible on all devices - whether desktop, tablet or smartphone.

A Solution Ideal for:

Sofa Producer and Customer

Sofa Dealers and Showrooms

Marketplaces & Retail chains

Increase Sales with Interactive 3D Configurations

From two-seaters to sofa landscapes, customers can configure all desired variants online and project them directly into their own four walls using augmented reality. This speeds up purchasing decisions and creates a unique shopping experience.
Only what can actually be ordered and produced is configured.

Benefits for Sales Teams and Consumers

Live HD Visualisation Quality

High-quality visualisations and live display quality allow customers to view products in exceptional detail and realism. From impressive textures to vibrant colours, products are presented as realistically as if they were right in front of the customer's eyes.

Order all products out of a room plan

Omni-channel sales: customers expect seamless experiences

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels. They want to be able to research, buy and return products on any device. It is therefore crucial to implement omni-channel sales models in order to offer a consistent and personalised customer journey across all channels.

Real-time configuration and fast loading times with live price calculation

All configurations can be made available immediately and in real time with a complete parts list and comprehensive price calculation. Thanks to fast loading times, you experience a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The result: significantly shortened quotation phases, error-free orders and reduced back-office work.

Order all products out of a room plan

AR Live Fitting Experience

Visualise products and entire rooms live with augmented reality at the touch of a button - whether in the customer's room, showroom or home. AR Live Fitting enhances the imagination and inspires with limitless product presentations, resulting in satisfied customers.

Efficient Consultation at the Point of Sale

Visual, rule-based 3D configurators save your employees valuable time, reduce costs and speed up the ordering process, including on-site consultation. With Rubens, all variants can be fully presented and configured in 3D at the point of sale.

Order all products out of a room plan

Seamless integration into sales channels and business systems

The Rubens product configurator solution can be easily integrated into existing system landscapes - from website and web shop to ERP, CRM and PIM. This comprehensive integration increases sales in the stationary business and optimises sales processes.

Create offline HD renderings with just one click

Revolutionise your product presentation with breathtaking HD renderings that can be created instantly. Create photorealistic images of your products with just one click, without any prior technical knowledge. High quality, offline capability, versatility and flexibility characterise our solution. Inspire, sell more effectively, save time and money and inspire your customers.

Order all products out of a room plan

Save configuration and share via email

Share designs with friends, family or colleagues or get feedback before making the final decision. You make better purchasing decisions when you get the opinions of others.

Upholstery References:

HAY: Modular sofa planning for B2B customers

HAY was looking for a powerful sofa configurator solution to enable its B2B customers to plan modular sofas. This allows them to easily present their products in all options and variants.

Full-logic Configurator

WUUN: Modular sofa with live fitting in AR

WUUN offers its customers a unique online experience: a modular sofa with live fitting in augmented reality. This allows end consumers to easily design and visualise their individual sofa online.

Basic Product Configurator

Kave Home: configuring the modular sofa in real time

The Kave Home team realised 3D configurators for Blok, Sorells and Neom with minimal training. Roomle SDK enabled a brand-appropriate interface and an excellent user experience. The result: a seamless shopping experience, more effective sales advice and increased online sales.

Full-logic Configurator

Rolf Benz + freistil by Rolf Benz: smart omni-channel sales

With the introduction of the 3D & AR sofa configurator, Freistil is paving the way for omni-channel product sales and offering both retail partners and buyers attractive, standardised and high-quality 3D & AR product presentations.

Basic Product Configurator
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Live-Fitting Experience: Augmented Reality Visualization

Every product live in the room, showroom, or customer's home at the touch of a button.

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All Features at a Glance

High-Quality Visualization and Live Rendering

Intuitive B2B and B2C Sales Configuration Across All Devices

Easy Configuration of Cabinet Furniture Variants

Rule-Based, Modular Configuration

Customizable Product Dimensions

On-Demand Sales List

3D Configurator Consultation at Point of Sale

3D Planning of Cabinet Furniture Accessories

Save and Share Configurations via Email

Rubens Room Designer Experience

From product configuration to planning a complete room: with the Room Designer, configurable furniture can be planned directly in the room to enable a better visualisation and then ordered immediately online.

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