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With international customers from various industries, we enable companies to interactively visualize, configure, manage and sell products in all complexities on any device and for every channel. The aim is to sell better and more.

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success story biohort


Biohort is the market leader in the field of storage solutions. The product spectrum is broad and ranges from tool sheds and garden boxes to bicycle garages and waste garbage can boxes. Biohort wanted to provide a solution which enables customers to easily configure their favorite product in 3D on the website and view it in their own home using augmented reality. The fully configured product can then be ordered online.

At the same time, the trading partners were to be given a supporting tool for on site customer consulting. Complex products that are not available in stores can be easily brought closer to the customer via 3D visualization.
With the implementation of 3D configurators, Biohort improved customer experience and increased online sales as well as the quality of sales advice within their sales network.

Rolf Benz Freistil 3D Produktkonfigurator

Freistil - Rolf Benz

Rolf Benz is a manufacturer of upmarket upholstered furniture, marketing superior designs for freethinkers and their individual spaces under the Freistil brand. The Rubens implementation was executed with a strong focus on translating brand image, premium quality and product highlights into the digital world while creating intuitive usability to cover the wide variety of the Freistil sofa and living room ranges. The resulting 3D configurators impress with photo-realistic display quality on all end devices and channels, and with augmented reality options to place virtual furniture into real living rooms at the push of a button.
Introducing the Rubens 3D & AR sofa configurator, Freistil paves the way for omni-channel product sales, providing both retail partners and shoppers with attractive standardized high-quality 3D and AR product presentations. In retail, the Freistil sofa configurator takes sales advice quality to the next level. The next implementation step will further improve the B2B ordering process, linking order and production environment with a few quick clicks.

Visplay Shop 3D Configurator


Expert shop fitter Visplay produces tailor-made, highly technologized quality retail solutions to cover all spatial situations and suited for ongoing individual recustomization. Visplay delivers precision down to the last detail: All their standard systems are adaptable to individual requirements, with freely configurable dimensions, colors and surfaces, and modular shelving system elements with limitless possible arrangements and combinations.
Visplay encourages users to try things out, to make products come alive, and to assemble thousands of variants in a playful way. Using the Rubens 3D and AR product configurator, Visplay creates a modern digital shopping experience for its complex shelf systems to increase the contact quality of B2B order inquiries in the shop fitting market. A separate configurable mobile B2B catalog provides the Visplay sales team with a valuable tool for the sell-in of individual retail shop concepts, producing increased sales talk quality and accelerated sales processes.

GalleryM 3D Sofa Configurator


GalleryM produces quality living room furniture and sofas with a contemporary twist, sophisticated design standards and wide-ranging customization options. The range is available through licensed furniture retail partners and selected online shops. Now GalleryM furniture dreams are just a few clicks away: In order to expand the online sales channel, and to further improve support for end customers, GalleryM introduced innovative 3D and AR visualization and planning solutions. To guide users through the inspiration/decision-making phases of the purchase process, this manufacturer uses Rubens to create a unique, appealing and personalized online shopping experience featuring widely customizable 3D products, achieving increased interaction and conversion in partner online shops.
Beyond successfully integrating interactively configurable 3D and AR products into the multi-channel sales strategy, GalleryM uses Roomle to create renderings of all product cutouts in all configuration variants, materials, colors and perspectives for marketing and online shop purposes at the push of a button. This automated rendering process is based on the 3D and configuration data stored in the Roomle Cloud. It speeds up time-to-market significantly, gives great flexibility in product staging and is far more cost-efficient than traditional photo shoots.

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