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Roomle free 3D floorplanner

Roomle 3D floorplanner for home & office design ideas

Roomle Web App

The Roomle Web App is an intuitive floor planning tool for setting up and visualising interior design ideas in 2D and 3D. The Web App is completely free to use - you only need to create a Roomle account if you wish to edit and save floor plans.

Works with:
Internet Browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.
Operating System - Windows, Mac, Linux

Roomle 3D room planner for home & office design ideas

Roomle iOS App

The award-winning Roomle App is loved and trusted by over 2 million users worldwide. Setup floor plans, design rooms, to configure and purchase furniture. Immediately visualise your interior design ideas live in 3D and augmented reality (AR).

Works with:
Devices - iPad and iPhone
Operating System - iOS 8 or later version.

Roomle 3D floorplanner for home & office design ideas

Roomle Android Beta App

Roomle goes Android. Besides the very successful iOS version, the new Android app is equipped with a comprehensive 3D furniture catalog and the possibility to view objects live in your space in Augmented Reality.

Works with:
Operating System - Android 4.4 or later version

Download Roomle 3D/AR Catalog on Play Store

Interior Design for Everybody

Outstanding floorplanner, to design home & office plans, to furnish rooms, configure and visualise furniture instantly in 3-D, AR and VR.

Roomle Floorplan


Use your fingertips to draw clean floorplans. Change wall and floor colors and design plans that include furniture and decorative fixtures. Latest planning tool innovations make planning and furnishing a total breeze.


The 3-D catalog offers a huge and ever growing range of inspiring, trendy, elegant furniture. Select the items you like. Add and configure them, according to color, form, and size. Innovative functions and selection options make your search easier.

Over 1000 products available in the Roomle 3D / AR new catalog
Furniture 3D live Configurator Roomle


From simple product variations to complex customizable solutions - in a user-friendly, simple and playful way. Explore your individualized products live in 3-D and place your furniture creations augmented in your room.

View your ideas in 3D and AR

View plans live in 3D on iPhone & iPad Roomle App
View product in your room Augmented Reality Roomle App

Roomle free floorplanner for iOS and Web

Overall rating for Roomle:  
  (4.76/5 by 2735 ratings )
Interior design for everybody, free for Web and iOS. Clever and intuitive like no other productivity app Roomle assists you in finding, fitting and buying the right furniture for your homes and offices. Create floor plans, color walls, find brands like USM Haller, Vitra, HAY und IKEA in an inspiring 3-D catalog. Visualise your ideas in outstanding 3-D views or see any brand product in your room using augmented reality.
Anja - Germany
"Tolle App, einfach zu bedienen"
João - Brazil
"Fácil de manusear e bem prático"
Steven - USA
"I love this easy and fun app! It´s worth your download time"
Victoria - Spain
"Útil, práctico y sencillo. 100% recomendable"
Yaroslava - Russia
"Очень крутая программа!!! Всем советую!"
Alexandre - France
"Très bon pour projeter votre futur appartement"

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User ratings

4/5 - Buona
by , 14.11.2018 06:52
App utile per amatori del design, 4 stelle solo perché a pagamento e gli arredamenti sono limitati.
5/5 -
by , 13.11.2018 16:27
5/5 - Эффектная и удобная программа
by , 13.11.2018 10:31
Чертежи и расстановка мебели визуализируется в 3D. Пользуюсь на IPad Pro и iPhone 6s. Предложены варианты мебели, конструкций, декоративные элементы. Нет возможности проектировать двух и более этажный дом либо я не разобрался ещё. Нет возможности изобразить лестницу направленную вниз. Но это не принципиально, главное место занять на чертеже. Можно выбирать цвет конструкций, размещать текст (подписывать комнаты, например). Было бы больше вариантов мебели, декора, конструкций, видов материалов стен (бревно, кирпич, бетон) можно было бы пользоваться профессионально и использовать для демонстрации дизайнерами клиентам. Для меня очень подходящий вариант, как альтернатива наемному дизайнеру. Работает стабильно. Пользуюсь базовой подпиской. Спасибо за разработку!
4/5 - Easy and quick
by , 12.11.2018 18:57
If you have ever used a CAD program the learning curve is very short. The results for the cost are impressive.
4/5 - Testigos
by , 12.11.2018 18:21
Lo estoy probando para utilizar en el armado de Containers viviendas, hay algún témplate de containers?
5/5 -
by , 11.11.2018 12:04
Awesome functionality for free tariff, it's about the site too. I'm not going to purchase because I will use only for 1 personal project but wanna donate. How can I do it? And will be great if you add more different bath models and some stuff from IKEA.
by , 11.11.2018 01:38
This app is the best! I’ve been using it for quite a while and the news is fabulous! I love how you can decorate an empty room without paying for expensive furnisher!😬Anyway, great game overall. Although could be a bit more faster when loading things on the 3D mode, but I mainly think my device is slow. 👌😍❤️👍LOVE THIS GAME!
4/5 - ???
by , 10.11.2018 14:56
I went into the app, went through all the vids, and it won’t let me get past the “You are ready”. I mean, come on!
5/5 - Nice creating
by , 10.11.2018 04:06
Very good, nice graphics etc that is nice. Any.. is there a roof here? Replie anyone
4/5 - Нормально
by , 09.11.2018 23:06
Юзаю на iPad 2018 с осью 12.1. Работает исправно. Но мало текстур и редактируемой мебели. Тем не менее накидать перепланировку стен, либо примерно разбросать мебель вполне возможно (и это в бесплатной версии даже) Для профи дизайнеров интерьера не подойдёт, а для обывателя самое то.
5/5 - Başarılı
by , 08.11.2018 06:05
Kullanımı kolay. Yaratıcı uygulama
5/5 - Достойно
by , 07.11.2018 19:24
5/5 - Excellent!
by , 07.11.2018 14:18
5/5 - Extremely good app
by , 07.11.2018 11:08
Very good app. Easy to understand, and makes it look so real. Good amount of interior to choose from. Extremely good if you wanna see how your ideas for a room will look :)))
5/5 -
by , 07.11.2018 09:18
This is a simple easy to use room planner for a beginner
4/5 - Registrierung erforderlich
by , 06.11.2018 17:13
Ohne Registrierung kannten die app nicht mal antesten. Unbenutzt wieder gelöscht. Edit: nach dem Hinweis des Entwicklers war es doch möglich die App zu testen. Sieht fürs erste tatsächlich gar nicht so schlecht aus. 4*
5/5 - 不错的软件
by , 05.11.2018 04:07
5/5 - Exelente app
by , 03.11.2018 22:09
Exelente app,un poco caro el pago anual,pero vale la pena
5/5 - Muy buena la versión gratuita.
by , 02.11.2018 07:53
Muy intuitiva y bastante completa la opción gratuita. Solo te posibilita un plano pero puede ser suficiente con ingenio.
5/5 - Sagenhaft
by , 31.10.2018 20:40
Einfach und läuft reibungslos. Ich habe mich sofort verliebt... :)
5/5 - Great app! Please add windows and doors
by , 31.10.2018 19:34
This app is amazing. Was able to build a rendering of my project in just 20min. Only downsides are the sw is missing features such as flooring options, windows and doors. I used the mirror object which can be customized in color, size and hight from ground to make windows and doors.
5/5 - Excelente!!
by , 31.10.2018 11:48
App muito bom para quem deseja montar uma planta e quer ter uma noção básica de como ficaria já construída e com o móveis dentro, é ótimo porque é nessa hora que da pra fazer ajustes de tamanho. Super recomendo!!
5/5 - Fantastico
by , 30.10.2018 21:59
5/5 - Easy to figure out and use
by , 30.10.2018 18:53
Can’t understand those who have said this app is hard to use, because it is very easy to use. I tried a number of apps before this. And I can’t understand those who are expecting something for free. The cost of a 3-month is almost £6, which is £2 a month. For me that’s more than enough time to produce my plans and refine and rework them. If you added this cost to your project expense list and sorted it, the the cost of this app would be the cheapest thing at the bottom.
5/5 - Entretenido
by , 29.10.2018 03:25
Me encanta. Puedo diseñar lo que quiera