Roomle @K5 Conference in Berlin

Roomle offers a high-quality 3D & AR commerce solution for brands, manufacturers, and online retailers. The Rubens Configurator enables the display of all variants of a product in 3D and turns diverse product options into easily configurable products. At the K5 event in Berlin, Roomle showcases the numerous possibilities of digital products to increase e-commerce revenue.

Brita Piovesan, 07.05.2024

Roomle at the 2024

At this year's E-Commerce conference K5 at the Estrel in Berlin, Roomle will be presenting the "Rubens Visual Configurator Platform" at booth 109 from June 25th to 26th. Roomle's unique selling point lies in its high-quality visual representation, fast loading speed, and seamless omnichannel experience. As a technology leader in the modular configuration of products of any complexity, this combination enables superior customer interaction and positions Roomle as a pioneering solution in the industry.

Developed to tackle the challenges faced by brands, manufacturers, and retailers in marketing and selling configurable products, Roomle's innovative technology offers a unique visual product experience that enhances sales efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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The Platform for Visual Configurators

With the Rubens Visual Configurator Platform, companies can seamlessly configure products of any complexity level in real-time 3D. Customers can experience these products in their own space using augmented reality, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, Roomle generates high-quality 4K renderings for marketing and sales channels, providing a comprehensive solution for presenting configurable products. The platform's API-based architecture ensures smooth integration with various systems, including e-commerce platforms, ERP, CPQ, CRM, and PIM, facilitating seamless data flow across all sales and marketing channels, whether on mobile, desktop, or in-store.

The Future of E-Commerce Sales

Gone are the days when businesses had to choose between selling simple static products or managing an extensive library of product images and complex presentation logic. The Rubens Visual Configurator Platform by Roomle bridges this gap, enabling companies to market and sell their products more efficiently. The solution developed by Roomle empowers businesses to handle individual product sales and complexity with ease. By leveraging Roomle's technology, brands, manufacturers, and retailers can offer their customers an unparalleled level of customization and an immersive product experience, thereby increasing revenue and enhancing their market position.

Benefits of 3D configurators in e-commerce

  • Variety of Variants at the Click of a Button: With just one click, customers have access to a wide range of product variants, greatly simplifying the selection and customization of their products.

  • Beautiful Detailed Product Images: Roomle places great emphasis on high-quality product images that showcase every detail of a product attractively, providing customers with a realistic understanding.

  • Bigger Shopping Carts: With impressive product presentation and seamless configuration experience, customers are encouraged to explore more products and fill their shopping carts.

  • Compatible with All Browsers, Devices & Platforms: Roomle's Visual Configurator Platform is fully compatible across browsers and devices, allowing customers to access the extensive range from any device.

Roomle e-Commerce
Easier to sell customised products online

Inspiring Keynotes

Boosting Sales with 3D Commerce: Crafting Customer Experiences, Reducing Returns

Online shopping has evolved beyond merely functional webshops. Interactive 3D products and Augmented Reality serve as proven conversion boosters in E-commerce. The integration of interactive product presentations and configurable items revolutionizes the shopping experience, offering shop owners significant opportunities to enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue. Explore the potential of 3D commerce and transform your online store into a digital rockstar.

Keynote 1: June 25, S22, 15:30-16:00 Uhr

Michaela Fraundorfer, Director Sales

3D Commerce Success Stories:
Increasing customer loyalty and conversion with immersive shopping experiences

In this inspiring presentation, Katrin Kirchmayr, Digital Sales Manager at Roomle, presents three success stories from different industries that impressively demonstrate how 3D and AR product experiences can revolutionize online sales.

Find out how renowned customers:

  • Effortlessly present products with many variants in different sales channels

  • Increase the length of stay and shopping basket value in the online store

  • Significantly improve conversion rates and customer loyalty

    Keynote 2: June 26, S34, 11:20-11:50 Uhr

Katrin Kirchmayr - Digital Sales Managerin

K5 Award: Support Roomle in the Customer Experience category!

We are delighted that Roomle has been nominated for the K5 - Future Retail e-commerce Award in the Customer Experience category! You can vote for Roomle here:

Review and summary: Roomle at the K5

Two exciting days at one of the best e-commerce trade fairs in the DACH region
Michaela Fraundorfer, Katrin Kirchmayr and Pálma Pásztor from the Roomle Sales Team had many exciting discussions with experts from a wide range of industries. Among others, the Dehner Group, Connox GmbH, FACKELMANN GmbH + Co KG, bonprix, Sanitas Troesch, Schäfer Shop Deutschland and Bergzeit are looking for 3D solutions for the POS in order to offer their customers special shopping experiences.

The two keynotes presented by Roomle at the trade fair were well attended and generated a great deal of interest at our stand. The presentations highlighted the latest developments in 3D configuration and augmented reality, and showed how our solutions can revolutionise the customer experience.