Enter the World of 3D

The Modern Way of Product Presentation

Digital 3D Products

Transform your product catalog into a digital collection of high-quality 3D visuals.

Augmented Reality

As Augmented Reality becomes part of your virtual showroom, your customers will be able to make more confident buying decisions.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Webshop Integration

Bring your brand products in 3D & AR into the e-Commerce Shops and marketplaces of your retailers with ease.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Shareable & Embeddable everywhere

Turn your 3D products into shareable interactive
experiences. Effortlessly embed them into websites, social media or digital ads, cutting the cost of expensive content production.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

What data you need to start

The following data-formats are supported:

  • .glb, glTF (.gltf + .glb), glTF-binary (*.glb) + Material


  • fbx, .obj, .gltf

The Brand Catalog in a nutshell

Imagine how good your Products would look...

Simply click the "View in room" Button and follow the instructions experience Augmented Reality first hand.

Contact us!

If you are already imagining your own products as shiny 3D visuals, let us know and we'll make it happen!
Note: We are already working on optimizing the process of how you can get your data into our cloud, but for now, we have to process your data manually.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Want more individuality?

Displaying products as high definition 3D visuals is usually just the first step to eCommerce greatness. It is a great way to start, because the entry barrier to the 3D world is rather small.

However, the real leverage comes with product customization, where you put your own customers in charge of designing their products