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Transform your Online-Shop with 3D experiences. Embed 3D viewers and Augmented Reality of premium furniture brands to your Website

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Equip your Webshop with some Magic

Our goal: Facilitate the entry into the world of 3D as much as possible. While talking to our customers we realized that it took most of them a huge leap of faith and quite a bit of research to start a 3D project.

Our solution: A free of charge copy & paste collection of the world's greatest furniture brands – constantly growing and adapting. No sales talks, no internal discussions, no budget requirements, just an open door into the world of 3D.

How does it work?

We developed and filled a catalog with 3D products from the finest furniture brands worldwide. You can use these 3D visuals for free and embed them into your Webshop.

  • Compare the brands you are already offering in your shop with the brands in our Brand Catalog

  • See if there are matching brands and decide if you want to include a third dimension to your customers' shopping experiences

  • Each product comes with a unique embedding code. Copy that code and paste it into your CMS - that's it.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Your favorite Brands are not available?

If we haven't listed your best-selling brands yet, don't worry. There are 2 options to get the brands you want into the catalog:

  • Let us know, which brands you think are missing in the Brand Catalog, so our Roomle scouts can get in touch with the respective companies

  • Talk to your contact person at the manufacturing company directly and ask them to get in touch with us

Your Benefits in Numbers

+60 %

of online shoppers want more interactive 3D & AR experiences

+45 %

increased sales through the usage of interactive 3D elements

+150 %

longer session durations & buying confidence with 3D products

The Brand Catalog in a nutshell

Here is a little sneak peak

Simply click the "View in room" Button and follow the instructions experience Augmented Reality first hand.

Some of our Favourite:

3D Sofa Konfigurator

Retail Furniture Manufacturer


Retail Furniture Manufacturer

3D Sofa Konfigurator

Sofa Manufacturer


Contact us!

If you are already imagining your own products as shiny 3D visuals, let us know and we'll make it happen!