Consumer Goods

Better selling with digitized products in 3D, AR & fully configurable

The Rubens Configurator will make your product range available on all sales channels - in live 3D and AR. Without additional sales training, and with error-free parts lists.

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Product visualization at highest quality

Visualize and configure products visually in highest quality

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Omni-channel sales

Create unique 3D product experiences that sell across all channels

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Error-free order process

Significantly reduce order errors and streamline processes

One configurator for all Products.
Rubens can!

Consumer electronics, sports equipment, luggage, kitchen appliances, clothes & shoes, bikes & motorcycles: No limits – Rubens is open for any product, providing an intuitive surface for configuring variants and product systems.

Turnkey solutions for your business

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Inspire & generate leads

Rely on Ruben´s total ease of use and enhance customer experience and generate more qualified leads. Respond to the wishes of customers without having to consult thick catalogs, using super realistic 3D & AR visualization options and 3D configurators to create the desired product on any device.

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Customization options fill shopping carts

Increase shopping cart value while reducing process costs. Configuring products in nearly photo-realistic 3D on all sales channels will demonstrably increase willingness to buy and conversion while reducing order errors and training costs.

Boost digital marketing campaigns with 3D and AR

Enrich your Marketing Campaigns

Rollout interactive marketing campaigns across all your channels. Whether you would like to bring products to life via Augmented Reality in your next advertising campaign or to add an interactive social media campaign and let your customers design & customize their individual product - Rubens makes it happen.

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Automated Renderings for your communication

At the push of a button, Roomle delivers a high-resolution image of every product configuration. In all perspectives, colors and materials. In the quality of a photo shoot, but with unlimited setting options and budget-friendly. For use on all your channels - online and stationary.

stationary retail sales support

Sales Support for Stationary Retail

The Rubens Configurator helps retailers to sell products easier and better, supporting sales talks on tablets or touchables in stores. No training is necessary. Available online and offline, and for the retailer´s online shop.


  • Rolf Benz sets the stage for omni-channel product sales by creating an engaging and standardized 3D & AR product customization experience for both end consumers and retail partners.

  • The shopfitting expert Visplay introduced a 3D product configurator for highly complex and modular shelf systems to increase B2B sales performance and business requests online.

  • The market leader for storage systems upgraded the customer experience with 3D configurators, increased online sales as well as sales consulting quality within their sales network.

  • The sofa manufacturer Mudju increased both online and showroom sales with 3D sofa configurators and rendering automation (CGI) fully integrated into their e-Commerce landscape.

  • GalleryM, a manufacturer for living and home products maximized its online sales performance by offering a personal, unique and high-quality 3D configuration experience for all devices.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Digitized products in highest quality and in all variants

  • Configurable live in 3D, on all channels and devices

  • Cloud-based solution that enables omni-channel sales at scale

  • Automated renderings at the push of a button - for all channels

  • Better interaction quality increases both conversion and shopping cart value

  • Comprehensive product statistics for efficient analysis and superior product range strategy

  • Individual integrations and interfaces to meet your requirements

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