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You can start your first Room Design in different ways. Our demo comes with a demo product catalog you can started with. Reach out to our Roomle Sales team when you would like to learn how you can get started with your own product catalog.

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Room Designer Tutorials

Explore our collection of Room Designer Tutorial Videos, designed to provide you with an overview on key features and functionalities. The perfect kick-start into our product.

Create & Share (save) Room Designs

Save any Room Design by using our "Save Draft" functionality. It provides you with a link to your unique Room Design. This way you can save your plans and integrate the room design in your channels. When embedded into your websites or your sales channels all plan links can be fully customized to your domains for a seamless conversion at any time.

Explore Room Design Templates

Discover a tiny selection of Room Designs & Product Sets yourself.

Living Room


Product Set

Office Plan

Hay Dining Set

Small Meeting Room

Laundry Layout

Living and Sleeping

Office 52m²

Room Designer Experience for all devices

Room Designer is designed for all platforms and devices. Ready to design, plan, style and configure product sets or whole rooms on desktop, smartphones and tablet devices. Create virtual rooms in 2D & 3D with your fingertips or start with a room shape and customize every detail from floor to wall color in HD quality.

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