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How to add a 3D/AR product viewer to your site in 3 simple steps

Roomle Rubens 3D and AR shoe viewer

Boost your online sales within minutes! Setup and rollout digital 3D/AR products in just a few simple steps to your sales channels. Today we want to show you how easy it is to add our 3D/AR product viewer to your website.

1. Create a Rubens Admin Account

Head to and signup a new Roomle Rubens account or login with your existing one. After you’ve logged you’ll see your product catalog and be able to continue with the next step.

2. Easily upload your 3D products

Upload your 3D data and materials to our 3D data cloud and Roomle does the rest.

Works with: 3DS MAX, FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, glTF
3D Format Requirements
Material & Texture Requirements

Hit the plus button in the product overview to create a new item. On the following page you can choose your existing 3D model (it needs to be zipped) and upload it.

We have also prepared a 3D file example online for you to download and analyze to see how your 3D file needs to be structured for a correct upload.


This may take a few minutes since we are already creating all files necessary to to experience your product in augmented reality on Android and iOS.

Additionally we are rendering images from side and top perspective which you can use on your website. You are also able to set a name and a description for you product to make it more easy for you to keep an overview.

3. Review 3D model quality live

Preview your 3D data in just a few seconds live and receive immediate feedback about data quality for 3D experts / teams.

Check the quality of your product with our live 3D Preview

3D Service needed?
You need support with optimizing or setting up your 3D product data the right way or even look for a 3D service partner that can create your products in 3D from scratch?

Reach out to us and we connect you with 3D experts from our service network.

4. Integrate the 3D/AR viewer on your website

Publish and embed your high-quality 3D / AR and customizable products in real-time to your sales and marketing channels with a simple code.

Learn more about integration options in our article "How to integrate".