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Configurator Scripter Specialist

You want to setup your configurable 3D product content yourself? No problem, Roomle provides an extensive configurator scripting documentation which includes training courses and configurator examples that allow a simple entry into the field of configurator creation.
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We have prepared a short profile and qualifications for the 3D Content Scripter Specialist Profile and roughly explain the Configurator Setup Process.

Configurator Content Scripter Specialist Profile


  • Understanding basic coordinates and vector computations
  • Understanding 3D computer graphics concepts (experience with engines like Unity3D or Unreal is an advantage)
  • Ability to create and test simple algorithms (using conditions and cycles)
  • Knowledge of any object-oriented language is an advantage
  • Experience with GIT or other versioning system is an advantage
  • Preferably experience with basic programming, API is not required

Explanation of the scripting process:

  • Writing scripts (similar to JavaScript) stored in JSON data structures in VS Code. The logic to interpret the scripts already exists (Roomle framework). The job of a Scripter is to create new Roomle script files to visualise the product. VSCode is used for scripts writing to display geometry, define parameters to switch i.e.: dimensions, materials,... and connect multiple objects together via docking points. You can define conditions, translate and assign values to virtually connected objects to meet the configuration requirements
  • Implementing user interface logic with conditions and loops
  • Implementing docking of products by defining position and condition where to dock as well as assignments between hierarchical connections (parent-to-child, child-to-parent)
  • Implementing article number and pricing logic depending on selected parameter values
  • Implementing geometry - put already prepared 3D models into the scene and place them correctly