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Add colors and materials to bring your product to life.

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with customizable 3D

Customization is a game changer in online & in-store sales. Present your products in different colors & materials live in 3D and Augmented Reality online, generate more leads or increase your e-Commerce sales. Works on all devices.

Perfect fit for all products & industries.

No limits – Rubens is open for any product. Configure products in 3D and change materials & colors yourself

Next level visual product presentation

High-quality & super detailed 3D visualization quality

Customization is a game changer in online & in-store sales. Inspire customers and sell simple customizable 3D products on all channels. Showcase your products in different colors & materials live in 3D and Augmented Reality online.

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Variety in variants - No limitation

A variety of product variants wait to be discovered in fully interactive and photo-realistic 3D quality. Enrich your e-Commerce presence, advertising or social media campaigns: Rubens allows instant customization of product materials and colors and brings product variants with just one click live into any space.

Try before you buy

More than just a good static product image! Augmented Reality without an App - an opportunity for any product. Rubens offers a comparable "app-less AR" experience, to quickly and directly visualise products in any space. No App - full experience for all mobile devices.

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Automated Renderings for your communication

At the push of a button, Roomle delivers a high-resolution image of every product configuration. In all perspectives, colors and materials. In the quality of a photo shoot, but with unlimited setting options and budget-friendly. For use on all your channels - online and stationary.

Technical Highlights

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Embed Everywhere

Roomle is ready for full integration into third-party systems via API connection, using the defined REST standard.

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Multi-platform capable

Compatible with all current - and future - front-end technologies. HTML, iOS, Android, MX and many more.

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World-class mobile experience

Showcase your products perfectly in different materials & surfaces from all angles on each device and browser

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High-speed load times

Enable a unique 3D experience with the fastest HD real-time 3D experience available.

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Analyze your audience

Turn data into insights by understanding how customers are interacting with your products across all channels.

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Unlimited scalability and incredibly fast and rock-solid asset distribution through Google Cloud hosting.

Product Demo

Meet our sales team and get a free demo of the Rubens 3D and AR configuration solution to find out how your business and processes can benefit the most.

Analyze your 3D data

Check out fast if your 3D data meets all requirements for browser-based real-time 3D visualization on all devices.