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How to integrate the Rubens Configurator with product request functionality?

Inspire & generate leads via your website

3D Visualization and Augmented Reality make complex products easier to explain and better understandable for customers. Rubens´s total ease of use provides awesome customer experience and therefore generates more qualified leads. Respond to the wishes of customers without having to consult thick catalogs, using super realistic 3D & AR visualization options and 3D configurators to create the desired product on any device.

Find out how you can setup an outstanding 3D & AR Visual Configurator on your website and enable your customers to request products in a few clicks online.

Set the stage - Integration Success Criteria

Before you get started with the technical implementation of the Rubens 3D Configurator with your team or agency you have to pay attention on the following areas to make to make the Sales Configurator project a success.

We strongly recommend to prepare a clear concept on your side on the following questions at an early stage:

  • where you are going to offer the product customization option during the customer journey on your website
  • how the 3D configurator is presented on your website (iFrame in-page integration, fullscreen integration, etc.)
  • where to visualize prices (inside or outside the configurator)

    💡Once you have a clear picture on how the 3D Product Configurator will be presented to your customers online your technical implementation team can get started with the technical integration.
Configurator Online Integration: Success criteria

Embed the Rubens Configurator into your website

  1. Define an area in your website
  2. Add the Roomle Rubens Configurator code (API)
  3. Enable 3D product customization, visualization
  4. Generate product requests online with your customized order form
  5. And finally measure success
How to integrate the Rubens Configurator online

Through the API you get access to the following data:

  • ProductLabel

  • ConfigurationPartList (art. numbers, selected configuration values)

  • ConfigurationImage which can be handed over to the shopping basket

  • ConfigurationID (Unique Rubens configurationID that allows you to access an individual configuration at any time)

  • and much more

Fast shop integration with 3 lines of code
Fast shop integration with 3 lines of code

💡Explore the Rubens Configurator Embedding documentation and learn how to integrate and communicate with the Rubens 3D Product Configurator.

Setup Product Request / Order form on your website

The Rubens 3D Visual Configurator delivers a world-class 3D & AR customization experience for all product categories and platforms. The configurator comes with a powerful API interface that allows you to setup individual call-to-actions like:

  • Online Product Request form
  • Custom Branded Configuration Summaries incl. all sales and order relevant product information (PDF)

Our integration expert team is available for supporting your team with technical questions via our stack overflow support channel.

Setup product request form on the customer website

Customer References

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