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Roomle free floorplanner for iOS and Web

Overall rating for Roomle:  
  (4.68/5 by 1895 ratings )
Interior design for everybody, free for Web and iOS. Clever and intuitive like no other productivity app Roomle assists you in finding, fitting and buying the right furniture for your homes and offices. Create floor plans, color walls, find brands like USM Haller, Vitra, HAY und IKEA in an inspiring 3-D catalog. Visualise your ideas in outstanding 3-D views or see any brand product in your room using augmented reality.
Anja - Germany
"Tolle App, einfach zu bedienen"
João - Brazil
"Fácil de manusear e bem prático"
Steven - USA
"I love this easy and fun app! It´s worth your download time"
Victoria - Spain
"Útil, práctico y sencillo. 100% recomendable"
Yaroslava - Russia
"Очень крутая программа!!! Всем советую!"
Alexandre - France
"Très bon pour projeter votre futur appartement"

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User ratings

5/5 -
by , 22.03.2017 15:54
4/5 - Gutes Werkzeug für einfache Planungen
by , 21.03.2017 20:14
Ein bisschen viel Werbung in der kostenfreien Version
5/5 - 好用啊我
by , 21.03.2017 08:22
4/5 - 商品目录老是加载不出来。
by , 21.03.2017 07:33
5/5 - Fantastische Unterstützung beim Einrichten
by , 20.03.2017 18:21
Super um diverse Möbelvariationen schnell anzutesten!
4/5 - App bem legal 👏🏻👏🏻
by , 20.03.2017 05:14
5/5 - Me gusta
by , 20.03.2017 02:52
Buena aplicación aunque limitada
4/5 - Bello
by , 19.03.2017 17:28
Funziona bene e facile.
4/5 - Muito útil
by , 19.03.2017 17:18
Gostei muito, porém perdi meu projeto que o app não salvou
4/5 - Not intuitive, but watch tutorials and then it'll click!
by , 19.03.2017 16:38
This app is almost exactly what I was looking for when we decided to move to a new office suite. To be able to lay out the entire suite with exact room dimensions, insert doorways at the correct angles, then add our furniture, fixtures, decorations, lighting, make walls & floors different colors/textures, etc. is *very* easy – AFTER it clicks for you how to do it, that is. As with other reviewers, I was extremely frustrated at first and was ready to quit, but I'd heard Roomle really a terrific program, so I was determined to find YouTube tutorials to help me, and I'm glad I did! Roomle would be smart if they'd put in slower-moving tutorials with annotations and/or explanatory comments. My earliest frustration came - as with other reviewers - when I tried to extend a new wall from an existing wall. Many complained, as did I, that dragging from an existing wall simply created unwanted and strange angles. It was *very* frustrating. THE TRICK is to place your finger/stylus/mouse on the existing wall at the point where you want to drag out a new wall, and hold on that spot until the cursor becomes a movable dot. Then… Just drag that dot out to create your new wall. Voilà! To make changes to existing objects, walls, etc., just tap to highlight and then tap the "i" (information) button. I hope this helps, because once you grasp how to draw out your initial layout, everything else really is a breeze. All that having been said, the program is buggy, 3D objects do not always render well (I placed a laptop and a fax machine on top of a desk, but the 3D render placed the items under the desk. In 2D view, I made sure to tap the objects last, so that they would be on the layer above the desk graphic, but 3D still shows them as being underneath. I am hoping that future updates will fix this and other bugs, especially as this is a subscription-based program for those who really want to leverage its features.
5/5 - 目前看比较好的一款,上手快,能解决自己设计装修的诸多问题。
by , 19.03.2017 06:25
5/5 - Melhor aplicativo que já achei
by , 18.03.2017 21:47
Muito pratico e rápido
5/5 - Super appli
by , 18.03.2017 12:52
Tres bien fait facile d'utilisation rien a dire
5/5 - Супер удобно!
by , 18.03.2017 10:34
Классная программа Не понял как менять отделку
4/5 - Très bonne simulation
by , 18.03.2017 08:57
Application que l'on peut dire de travail, ou de divertissement j'ai moi même construit ma maison mais c'est juste dommage que ce soit en anglais pour quelque meubles.
5/5 - Muy buena app
by , 18.03.2017 05:26
100% recomendable
5/5 - 偶尔有些卡是她唯一缺点
by , 18.03.2017 03:05
5/5 - Bellissimo
by , 17.03.2017 17:56
Facile e bello
5/5 - 操作简单简单,好用。
by , 16.03.2017 15:50
5/5 - 非常方便
by , 16.03.2017 09:08
5/5 - 很理想的软件
by , 15.03.2017 01:27
4/5 - 👍👎хорошо
by , 13.03.2017 15:13
Хорошо: много мебели, возможность создавать свою комнату по форме Плохо: вылетает но сохраняется P.S. Ничего платного я не нашёл
5/5 - очень!
by , 13.03.2017 06:14
очень простая и удобная программа!
5/5 - Molto buona
by , 12.03.2017 20:28
Una bella applicazione
5/5 - 总体不错的软件
by , 12.03.2017 14:15