1 Million Registered Users :: 1,5 Million App Downloads :: 3 Million Plans!

The Austrian start-up Roomle celebrates its first million registered users. Since its introduction in 2014, 1,5 million users around the world have downloaded this online planning tool to their desktops or mobile devices. In September this year the 1 million registered users milestone was hit.

Brita Piovesan, 08.11.2016

1 million users

The furniture shop in your pocket:
Roomle´s first priorities are excellent usability and added value for furniture shoppers. „Today´s customers expect hands-on planning support, trendy services and smart visualizations. They want to shop for furniture like they buy t-shirts: spontaneously, and in brick&mortar shops as well as on mobile devices and online at home,” says Roomle CEO Albert Ortig. “Inspiration and decision-making support are in high demand, especially when they are available on the mobile device in your pocket”, he adds.

1,5 million plans in year one:
The number and quality of the plans drawn on Roomle and of the furniture they include prove send a strong message to the furniture industry, giving evidence of the growing importance of omni-channel availability. Since the launch of the app, Roomle users have created more than 3 million single plans, half of those in the last 12 months alone, and more often than not with an impressive degree of sophistication. Dozens of millions of furniture items are featured in those plans.

App 2.0 launch pending:
The Roomle 2.0 app will launch before this year is over, introducing new functions to meet the growing demands of furniture buyers. Its comprehensively redesigned look & feel will include an inspiring online furniture catalogue with excellent search support and new (buying) options. Applying latest technologies to provide excellent, intuitive usability, Roomle 2.0 will support tomorrow´s furniture shoppers with augmented reality, virtual reality, product configuration support and online shopping.

Roomle – bring your plan to life:
The Roomle app makes planning and furnishing rooms easy and even entertaining. Everybody can use it intuitively, without prior training, to draw floor plans and choose furniture, to configure items to individual tastes, and to view the results in convincing 3-D and augmented reality. Austria’s leading venture capital fund aws Gründerfonds and renowned investors such as Michael Grabner Media GmbH support Roomle since its founding.

App-Download: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/roomle/id732050356?mt=8

1 million registered users