Furniture Designer Fantoni Takes a Seat on the Roomle Platform

Italian design label Fantoni and digital platform Roomle may well be the blueprint for the future of the furniture industry: They streamlined sales processes in furniture production. Integrating the Fantoni furniture catalogues into the Roomle app has opened the door to online customization, configuration and purchase of personalized industrial products.

Brita Piovesan, 07.03.2016

The future of the furniture industry starts with costumer participation, sharing information, exchanging ideas and speeding up production and sales processes. By thoroughly innovating their communication and redesigning the shopping experience, producers and retailers aim to involve their consumers in an information-driven, digitally intuitive, spontaneously playful new way of picking and buying furniture.

Pioneering this change qualified Austrian startup Roomle for a partnership with Italian design label Fantoni. “Roomle offers a whole new perspective, fostering synergies and strengthening interactions between companies, retailers and consumers”, says product designer Marianna Fantoni. “Using Roomle, Fantoni empowers customers to create, view and pick individual solutions by freely combining our products.”

Roomle´s focus is on the super-easy, intuitive digital planning and furnishing of rooms, supporting decision-making and online buying with convincing 3-D visualizations on multiple platforms. Roomle sees through the users´ eyes, keeping the application simple and managing data and technology in the background. Creating with Roomle is simple, effortless and satisfying, providing users with flawless visuals.

Retailers Only Need an iPad to Succeed
Sales made simple: Roomle turns iPad, laptop and smartphone screens into custom furniture showrooms. Sales staff can now pick furniture from the Fantoni catalog, configure it according to the customer´s preferences and demonstrate the result in convincing 3-D or even, using augmented and virtual reality, live in every room. Once customers decide to buy, the order request to Fantoni is placed online without further ado: Roomle processes the order request automatically, including all relevant order details for the chosen configuration from specific article numbers down to list prices. In a next step all orders will be integrated into Fantoni´s ERP system.

Fantoni expects tangible advantages from this cooperation: Roomle´s promise lies in streamlining sales processes in stores around the globe. Customers or sales staff will choose and configure products online, with orders immediately forwarded to the center of distribution. Tedious searches for correct stock numbers and annoying errors in sales orders will be a thing of the past. Furthermore, Roomle offers an additional distribution channel and reaches new target groups for both consumer market and tender business, online as well as offline.

Roomle founder Albert Ortig is convinced that Roomle offers much more than simple digital planning: “It will redefine the industry, exposing yet untapped economic potential for all involved parties.”

Roomle Streamlines Business Processes With:

  • easy compilations of complex product configurations
  • error-proofing customized orders
  • instant price calculation and product details
  • reducing operational costs and improving sales process speed and efficiency
  • standardized order placement
  • improved client interaction and speedy decision-making
  • multichannel support – Roomle can be embedded into multiple online destinations
    valuable up-selling opportunities

About Fantoni
Fantoni group is a leading producer of MDF and chipboard panels, office furniture, pre-finished floorings and sound-absorption panels. About 360 million Euro turnover, international success and more than 1.200 employees in the seven companies of the group are the result of more than one hundred years´ experience in wood processing. Nature, environmental protection and sustainable development, architecture, creation of new materials and individual creativity are core values of the group´s corporate identity. A focus on design that transcends time and keen attention to ergonomics, functionality and flexibility make Fantoni´s furniture division a pioneer of high-end office furniture solutions.

About Roomle – Bring your plan to life!
Roomle targets an industry that has long been lagging behind the digital revolution and is now hungry for change: Furniture. With a staff of 10, Roomle is building a highly attractive digital platform for streamlined sales processes in furniture production and retail, both online and brick&mortar. Roomle ventures to make choosing, configuring and ordering furniture an easy, entertaining experience, much like a video game, thus creating a virtual space where producers, retailers and consumers exchange information and do business on a whole new level. Roomle´s fanbase has quickly grown to 800.000 registered users, mostly in Europe, the USA, China and Russia and is now aiming for the first million. Austria’s leading venture capital fund aws Gründerfonds and renowned investors such as Michael Grabner Media GmbH support Roomle since its founding.

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