Statement on the dissolution of Furniture eServices GmbH

Roomle GmbH announces that the Furniture eServices GmbH has been dissolved with effect from the end of December 2020. The two shareholders Roomle (25 %) and EGGER (75 %) have taken this decision by mutual agreement. EGGER's 9 % share in Roomle was also dissolved at the same time, and the shares were bought back by the Roomle shareholders.

Brita Piovesan, 18.01.2021

The Furniture eServices GmbH was founded by Roomle and EGGER on July 1, 2019 with the objective of distributing software solutions that enable the end consumer to design furniture online and have it delivered and assembled by the carpenter on site. A comprehensive furniture library was envisioned as the core of the service portfolio, to be produced and marketed by licensed partners.

Different assessments of the two shareholders on the approach and orientation ultimately led to the decision to dissolve Furniture eServices GmbH and discontinue its activities.

Regardless of this, Roomle continues its developments in the area of production-based configurators. The focus is on the Roomle Rubens Configurator, with which configured products can be passed on to production in machine-readable form.