Promising new Partnership for Integrated Furniture Solutions: Roomle joins HOMAG Group AG

Roomle is excited to announce it has joined HOMAG Group AG, the world's leading provider of integrated solutions for production in the woodworking industry and woodworking shops, a logical step that crowns seven years of consistent development.

Brita Piovesan, 23.09.2021

Albert Ortig, CEO Roomle with Ralf W. Dieter, CEO Homag (front row from left to right) with the management team of Homag AG and the Roomle team.

Roomle started 7 years ago with the vision of taking customer experience in digital sales to new levels. With groundbreaking products like the Rubens Configurator, the world’s first open Full Logic 3D product configurator, and stunning 3-D/AR display quality, the company has risen to become the market-leading platform for the configuration, visualization and production of complex products. Thanks to enormous flexibility and integration capability, Roomle delivers convincing results on all systems, platforms, channels and devices, counting over 6 million installations worldwide and tens of thousands of configurations per month.

Roomle: furniture customization made easy.
What Roomle does is easy to explain: Furniture buyers use their smartphones, tablets, or laptops to configure their dream furniture in all details, colors and material combinations, view it in 3-D from all angles, and even to use augmented reality to view it within the actual room context. A subsequent one-click online order will automatically produce an error-free, complete parts list for immediate transfer to a furniture Production or woodworking shop. In short, Roomle is furniture customization made easy.

A new power partnership:
For obvious reasons, the world market leader in solutions for furniture production took a liking to this concept. HOMAG intends to expand its Software solutions to include online sales and to optimize production processes and systems accordingly.
HOMAG, based in Germany, has now completed the takeover of the majority stake in Roomle. Roomle´s founder Albert Ortig will stay on as managing partner, and for the foreseeable future, no changes are planned to the company headquarters, team structure and business goals. Roomle continues to act independently.

Roomle was originally conceived in Albert Ortig's Linz digital agency Netural, spun off as an independent business unit in 2014 and has since acted as a driver of digitalization in the furniture industry. Ortig takes the announcement of the share takeover as an opportunity to thank the previous investors for years of trusting cooperation: "Johannes Artmayr/Strasser Steine, Gabriel Grabner/Grabner Media, Dr. Hans Jörg Schelling/JGS, aws Gründerfonds and OÖ HightechFonds were simply great at supporting a courageous idea. I am proud that we could justify their trust. "

Proud of its achievements, the Roomle team is looking forward to working with the new majority owner. Having successfully pushed online product configurator technology to real-life feasibility, they are now poised to lead the digital revolution towards customer-controlled custom furniture production. "We find ourselves in an ideal position now”, comments Albert Ortig: “becoming part of a perfect structure, ideally positioned to map the entire value chain from the consumer to the production hall."

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