Partnership of Kitchautomation & Roomle: Forging a new day in commercial kitchen design

Roomle, the leader in digital product visualization and configuration, and Kitchautomation, the leading U.S. commercial kitchen design automation provider, are beginning to revolutionize the way kitchens are designed, specified and procured. The collaboration makes it possible - for the first time - to put simple, intuitive design tools into the hands of operators and field sales reps on a mobile device. In addition, viewing equipment and equipment layouts in a room using augmented reality and exporting data to Revit® is now possible, enabling greater efficiency and collaboration between designers, dealers, manufacturer sales reps, and operators.

Brita Piovesan, 11.05.2021

Roomle Rubens: Wall Track Configurator

The collaboration between Roomle and Kitchautomation makes what was previously impossible in the foodservice industry, possible. Users are able to select a product, configure it in real-time, create and visualize a room layout, and then press one button to get a detailed bill of materials for a quote instantly – all on a mobile device. By empowering those individuals in the field to self-serve in the design phase, we’ve opened up completely new possibilities for the foodservice industry. From a sales perspective, it's a big leap forward: "So far, there's no mobile design tool that works quite like Roomle," says Christopher Huebner, CEO Kitchautomation, "I've been working with configurators for years and immediately understood Roomle's potential. I introduced Roomle to one of my major US customers and they quickly recognized both the simplicty and sophistication of the tool. Now we are working together on a transformative project for their Visualization+CPQ process. We are looking forward to providing Roomle‘s product configuration technology to foodservice equipment manufacturers so they can also get their products configured and specified correctly and in the hands of customers looking for an easier and faster sales experience.“

Every commercial kitchen is different. Individual spaces, the needs of the cooking crew, and highly variable products - all of which must be taken into account during planning. Until now, this has been a laborious, slow and error-prone process, which relied heavily on thick, out-dated product catalogs and antiquated software.

With Roomle, commercial kitchen planning becomes much easier: How? Roomle displays the entire catalog digitally, photo-realistically and in 3D. Complex kitchen equipment can be displayed and further configured with just a few clicks in all possible variants. Planning, configuration, and visualization can be carried out together with customers. Individual customer product requests can be addressed real-time with a few simple clicks on a phone, tablet or desktop.

Speed Wins. Now Roomle can do Revit® too.

The foodservice industry works extensively with Revit® design software. Roomle is already compatible with a handful of formats. These include, for example: 3DS MAX, FBX, OBJ, BLENDER, glTF. Now Roomle can also work with Revit®. With the Kinventory Revit add-in created by Kitchautomation, individual products or a complete room or products can be exported to Revit® instantly.

What's next?

Currently, Kitchautomation is working diligently on an iOS mobile app that includes a room planner. Sales representatives will be able to use the app for easier, faster, higher service selling. Designers will be able to use the app for product configuration, visualization, and exporting Revit® families. Collaboration among all parties can easily be done using Roomle’s sharing features.

The most important unique selling propositions of the cooperation at a glance:

  • Quicker to close sales: Sell the right products to customers easier and faster with Roomle.
  • Configure and export Revit® families from phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Roomle UX: Working with Roomle is intuitive and enables an outstanding customer experience.
  • Roomle’s Rubens product configurator enables customers to experience products in 3D & AR from all industries - seamlessly on all devices, with the highest display quality, at top speed, across all platforms.
  • Customers are more in control when shopping and understand even complex products through intuitive visuals and guided configuration.
  • Measurable revenue increases can be achieved through higher engagement and captivating shopping experiences.
  • App-less Augmented Reality (AR) eliminates the need to download an app.
  • Easy integration into all business processes increases efficiency.

About Kitchautomation:

Kitchautomation is passionate about the simplification of the Foodservice design process. Leveraging our industry knowledge, 3D modeling expertise and software acumen, we build digital tools that enable Foodservice professionals to design and specify the right kitchen solution quickly, easily and accurately. Kitchautomation helps Foodservice professionals do more and sell more whether they are in the office or in the field – working in Revit or on a mobile device. Join the movement at: