The new Roomle Configurator Interface

Intelligent, modular configuration - mobile and desktop
Roomle worked closely with its customers, gathering ideas and incorporating improvements into the new configurator. The result: a smart configurator interface with numerous options that makes configuration with all parameters and structural elements even easier and more structured, while adapting to the needs of the user. The highlight: the configurator works perfectly both on the go and on the desktop.

Brita Piovesan, 29.06.2020

New Configurator Interface - all categories - all devices

No matter if technically experienced or not, whether in distribution, sales or as a consumer. Everyone should be able to use the Roomle Configurator in a simple and playful way. That's why Roomle has rethought the configuration process and is now offering an optimized user experience - for all browsers and mobile devices. The new configurator interface is: Easy to use. Better structured and smart.


Mobile Ready: The first configurator that works mobile and on the desktop.

The first configurator that works equally well on the go and on the desktop. The new layout adapts to the device in use - whether on a smartphone, tablet or desktop device. All functionalities are clearly and intuitively arranged and thus also available with a thumb and from the trouser pocket.

Mobile Ready
The first configurator that works mobile and on the desktop.

Simple modular configuration:

Changing colors is a thing of the past. With the Roomle Configurator, products can be individually and modularly configured. This means that configuration is possible with all parameters (colour, material, lengths, widths, heights) and structurally expandable elements (e.g. shelves, drawers, doors, additional seating elements).

Modular configuration - made easy

Smart Sizing

Sofas, cupboards, beds... all complex products can be configured fully automatically with all possible elements. The change of size is dynamic and can be entered via slider or cm. The desired size automatically adapts to the available configuration - including a suitable product variant suggestion.

Smart Sizing - dynamic change of size

Select, configure and save variants:

All bestsellers and possible variants of a product are visible at the push of a button. Customers can choose between the different models, get inspired and further configure. The seamless switch between variants enables customers to reach their destination faster. This increases the imagination and shows everything what is possible.

Jump to variants, configure, save

Live Price Calculation + Order Data:

All configurations can be made available with a complete and clear article parts list and detailed price calculation. The result: Significantly shorter quotation phases and the relief of the office staff. This results in error-free orders.

Live price calculation & clear parts lists


The introduction of the new Roomle Configurator Interface will begin in June 2020 and will be rolled out (in stages) over the coming weeks. The old interface will no longer be developed from this point on, but will be available for at least another year. Within this period, all Roomle customers can switch to the new configurator, with the active support of the Roomle team.

If the logic is kept in the new configurator, the change to the new UI is free of charge. If there are changes in the data structure for an improved user experience towards end customers, service packages are offered.
For further information about the new configurator interface or if you have questions about the integration into your webshop or the costs, please contact our support team:

More Goodies:

  • Save draft for later:
    The created individual configurations can be sent to you by e-mail, thus saving individual ideas for later. In this way, the consumer receives the shopping cart value, the manufacturer receives information about the preferences of the users.

  • Webshop integration - simplified embed code
    The configurator can be integrated into any webshop with a simplified embed code. The new embed code allows the configurator settings and options to be maintained in a graphical interface in the Roomle PDC (Product Data Cloud). This means that programming skills are no longer required for most changes. So even without a web agency things can be changed like: change colors, show/hide buttons etc.

Simplified embed code

Personalized design:

The design of the configurator can be adapted to the corporate design specifications of any company and is therefore optimally adaptable to any corporate identity. Interaction elements in the style of each company CI can be adapted. By using the Roomle Configurator SDK, customers can also continue to develop individual interfaces independently.

Furthermore, the navigation is intuitive and clear. Display the dimensions of the furniture or view the object in the room with AR - one click. Enter the desired colour - the search function makes it possible. These new features make it easier to use and speed up the handling for everyone.

40m² auf der imm
Intuitive Navigation - here the measurement tool
One configurator for all devices
Improved user interface simplifies configuration.