ATLANTIS: Authoring tool for indoor augmented and diminished reality experiences.

The ATLANTIS project aims to develop an authoring tool that can be used by interior designers and sales professionals as well as private users. This is made possible by the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies for the automatic determination of the room layout and the recognition and segmentation of objects in the room. With ATLANTIS, users can also visually remove real objects in the scene with the help of the Diminished Reality (DR) technology, for example to replace them by computer generated objects.

Brita Piovesan, 04.12.2020

Augmented Reality technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that allows a user to see and explore real views of rooms which are planned, with realistic computer-generated elements added. It has high potential for applications like interior design, furniture retailing or the sale or renovation of real estate. This can make the communication processes during the planning process and design phase more effective and provide a better experience to a client.

ATLANTIS will provide a unique AR authoring environment, building on a set of AI-based processing services and content analysis tools for semantically understanding the room, which will transform the process of authoring AR experiences. ATLANTIS will enable non-expert users to easily create natural and persistent AR experiences, combined with DR. It will help design professionals to create a unique visual experience conveying their ideas to customers.

The ATLANTIS project has a duration of 20 months and is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the EU program Horizon 2020 as a cooperative research project. The consortium includes two distinguished centers for applied research (JOANNEUM RESEARCH and Center for Research and Technology Hellas), an innovative Austrian SME (ROOMLE GmbH) bringing AR services for interior design, and experts in user experience and product innovation (USABILITY PARTNERS AB), which ensure the effectiveness and usability of the tool.

Augmented Reality: to try before you buy

We are looking for YOU!

We are searching for participants in the user workshops. The target groups are furniture retail and interior design teams. It is a great chance to know more about the technology which makes the planning process easier, and also about its contribution to the business. If you are interested, please send an to: