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Roomle auf der möbel austria 2019

Von 8.-10. Mai 2019, präsentiert Roomle auf Stand L32 die vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten digitaler Möbel. Hier werden Lösungen präsentiert, wie die nahtlose Integration des B2B-Orderings in den Produktionsprozess oder der Einsatz des Roomle Konfigurators im e-Commerce - für fehlerlose Bestelllisten auf Knopfdruck.

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Roomle at the imm cologne 2019

Roomle sets a new standard for highly configurable furniture available across all channels. At the imm cologne, in Boulevard / Stand 028, the digital furniture platform presents the diverse application possibilities of digital furniture on 40m².

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Roomle Introduces the First Photorealistic 3-D/AR Furniture Configurator!

Roomle introduces a spectacular new service: The Configurator 2.0 shows products in stunning detail and quality. It has the potential to revolutionize production and sales processes in the furniture industry.

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Meet Roomle at the Real Estate Innovation Forum at EXPO REAL 2018 - in the TECH ALLEY and in the TECH TALK Zone - from October 8-10, 2018.

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Hans Jörg Schelling steigt bei Roomle ein

Gleich zwei Möbelexperten beteiligen sich an der digitalen Möbel-Plattform Roomle: Ex-Finanzminister Hans Jörg Schelling und der Geschäftsführer der Strasser Steine Gmbh, Johannes Artmayr.

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Augmented Room Sketching & Plan to Shop

Roomle version 2.4 comes with a feature that makes it easier for you to map your rooms: Augmented room scanning - with the latest Apple devices (as of iPhone 6S).

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Roomle @ imm cologne 2018

Die imm ist eine der international spannendsten Möbelmessen auf der die Trends für das kommende Jahr festgelegt werden. Roomle ist dieses Jahr mit dabei und präsentiert auf 12 qm im Boulevard Mitte, Stand 008 innovative, nutzerfreundliche Möglichkeiten für den Möbelkaufprozess von morgen.

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Best of the Best: Roomle wins Red Dot Design Award

"Best of the Best" is awarded for groundbreaking design quality in the Red Dot Design Award: Only projects that win over the jury with their very high design quality and creative performance receive this prize - one more reason to be really proud of this ...

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Gut geplante Partnerschaft: SCHÖNER WOHNEN und Roomle kooperieren

Als größtes Wohn- und Lifestyle-Magazin Europas genießt SCHÖNER WOHNEN seit über 55 Jahren höchstes Vertrauen bei seinen Lesern und steht für 100 Prozent guten Geschmack. Das Magazin inspiriert und berät seine Leser mit Einrichtungsideen.

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New Roomle Android App - for Smartphones and Tablets

Conceptually and optically, the new app is very much in line with the iOS version. In a first step, it is possible for Android users to use the extensive 3D/AR furniture catalog, visualize and buy furniture. This makes it easy to find the right piece ...

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1 Million Registered Users :: 1,5 Million App Downloads :: 3 Million Plans!

The Austrian start-up Roomle celebrates its first million registered users. Since its introduction in 2014, 1,5 million users around the world have downloaded this online planning tool to their desktops or mobile devices. In September this year the 1 million registered users milestone was hit.

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Ordering a Sofa or ordering a T-Shirt – What´s the Difference?

Innovative Omni-Channel Solutions for the Furniture Industry.

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Roomle – the Business Case in VR/ AR Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is already omnipresent. It really shines where operating in a real-world environment would be dangerous, unwieldy or expensive – like e.g. in aircraft cockpit simulations or complicated surgery. Making VR available everywhere and giving consumers the tools to interactively shape environments and products is the new, exciting promise of Roomle.

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Furniture Designer Fantoni Takes a Seat on the Roomle Platform

Italian design label Fantoni and digital platform Roomle may well be the blueprint for the future of the furniture industry: They streamlined sales processes in furniture production. Integrating the Fantoni furniture catalogues into the Roomle app has opened the door to online customization, configuration and purchase of personalized industrial products.

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Roomle Launches Multi-Channel 3-D Product Configurator

Adding a personal design touch to a piece of furniture and previewing the effect in your own home environment is now totally easy: Roomle delves into personalization, customization and configuration of industrial products, introducing a novel 3-D configurator based on the enormously popular Roomle Planner for iPad, iPhone and web. It works real-time and in 3-D on every channel. From now on, the new technology is available for all online shops.

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