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VR Cardboard Integration

From now on, the virtual reality feature is integrated into the Roomle app 2.6. Easily switch from the walkthrough mode (1st person view) to the VR mode.

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3D/AR Configurators for your Online Channels

Let customers configure furniture products out of your website, eCommerce platform or Sales App. Whether the user journey starts online or mobile, Roomle provides a platform solution for omni-channel furniture sales.

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New Configurator UI

Roomle 2.5 comes with an enhanced UI for configurations, the “Click to Insert” feature and a measurement tool for correct sizes of furniture - for iPhone and iPad.

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Roomle Introduces the First Photorealistic 3-D/AR Furniture Configurator!

Roomle introduces a spectacular new service: The Configurator 2.0 shows products in stunning detail and quality. It has the potential to revolutionize production and sales processes in the furniture industry.

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Roomle is GDPR compliant

On May 25th, 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became applicable. That's good and important, because it protects your personal information even more!

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Augmented Room Sketching & Plan to Shop

Roomle version 2.4 comes with a feature that makes it easier for you to map your rooms: Augmented room scanning - with the latest Apple devices (as of iPhone 6S).

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ARKit enabled — Roomle version 2.2

Roomle version 2.2 comes with enhanced Augmented Reality quality and a bunch of improvements. The incredibly simple user interface, matches all technologies — including Apple´s ARKit.

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ROOMLE is iPhone X ready

Roomle version 2.3 enables you to use the Roomle App in it´s full functionality also on your new iPhone X device on the Go.

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