Webinar Invitation: Interior AI - Status Quo & Opportunities

Discover AI in interior design: In our webinar 'Interior AI - Status Quo & Opportunities,' CEO Albert Ortig and AI specialist Martin Obermayr from Netural will introduce innovative applications. We will showcase Roomle's AI integration and provide vivid examples. Dive into the future of interior design with us.

Brita Piovesan, 04.09.2023



  • 13.9.2023 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM (CEST)- held in English language

  • 14.9.2023 from 8:00 - 9:00 AM (CEST)- held in German language

What can you expect?

The webinar "Interior AI - Status Quo & Opportunities" delves into the innovative field of AI-powered interior design and planning. The speakers for this webinar include Roomle CEO Albert Ortig and AI Specialist Martin Obermayr from Netural. They will provide an overview of the developments and perspectives of Roomle and Netural in this forward-looking domain. Additionally, for technical inquiries, Mahmut Esmek, a AI Developer at Roomle, will be available.

The webinar provides insights into how Roomle integrates AI into its processes and utilizes various tools. Through examples and demos, it illustrates practical applications of AI across different industries.

In essence, the webinar provides a window into Roomle's AI-driven methodology across the entire interior architecture process while delivering valuable technological insights and practical real-world examples.

Albert Ortig is an experienced entrepreneur and visionary with over two decades of industry experience. As the founder of Netural in 1998, he has successfully launched several start-ups, including Roomle and Storyblok. With a background in business administration and a father of two, he is passionately committed to realizing innovations and pushing boundaries.

Martin Obermayr, Senior Strategist at Netural, is a passionate developer of digital solutions and services with a strong focus on AI. He possesses extensive expertise in online and strategic marketing, and a deep commitment to AI-related topics.

Discover how you can gain a competitive edge through strategic AI implementation. Don't miss this opportunity.