The MEAZOR 3D Kickstarter campaign has reached $363 678. We were part of it and integrated the scanner into our app. Now you can scan rooms with the compact and powerful 6-in-1 laser scanner and turn them into a Roomle 3D floor plan at the touch of a button.

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3D in 3 Ways

HOZO Design, experts in digital products, has launched The World's Most Compact and Multifunctional Digital Measuring Tool:

3D Displacement

Complex & Multiple Room Plan Scanning

3D Tilt mode

Avoid Obstacles & Capture Room Height

3D Apps

connecting with top rated 3D FLOORPLANING APPS.

Ready to learn more how to connect your MEAZOR 3D laser to the Roomle app? 
Watch our step-by step video and try out you as well.

Satisfies all measuring demands

MEAZOR 3D-the world’s most compact 6-in-1 multifunctional laser measurer, with leading-edge 3D floor planning function

MEAZOR 3D, powered with the 3D technology implantation, from capturing to 3D floor planning, in highly favors of boosting measuring functionality in each way. The thoughtprovoking perception of “3D in 3 ways”, boundless measuring dimension to all measure community. Whether the job asks for the 3D floorplan design for professional use or handwork measure in daily, MEAZOR 3D brings the significant extent on measurement convenience. With 3D Displacement Mode, MEAZOR 3D is the VERY FIRST laser measure that allows you to move freely in any space and auto-stitches every edge of the room. 3D Tilt Mode, easily capture the room with furniture’s and obstacle’s with a hands-free experience, and accomplish the fastest 3D point capturing process with easy to use 2D results.. Based on the real-life testing results, time efficiency and measure accuracy can be increase by 72% and time efficiency improved by 70% on average compared to other traditional measuring tool.

6 Powerful Functions in ONE device:

Point Scanner
Capture all reference points and instantly draw a 3D floorplan.

Straight lines to curves, 4 built-in mode with 57 scales.

Laser Measure
The precise laser gives reliable measurements up to 40m/131ft.

Curve Scanner
Capture the outlines of curved objects with an accountable scan.

Positioning your angels in 360 degrees with accurate readings.

Find put whether the surface is horizontal or vertical.

Get your own MEAZOR 3D laser with 20% discount now! Using the promotion code: roomlehozo