Augmented Reality as a Marketing Tool: 5 and a half reasons why AR will change marketers' lives

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information and visuals onto the real world, providing an interactive experience for users. As marketers continue to search for new ways to engage with their audience, augmented reality is quickly rising to one of the most popular tools for product marketing. Here are 5 and a half benefits of augmented reality for marketers.

Stefan Hackl, 22.03.2023


#1: Increased Engagement

Augmented Reality allows marketers to create interactive experiences that are more engaging than traditional advertising methods. By using AR, marketers can provide customers with an immersive experience that is both memorable and shareable.

#2: Improved Customer Experience

AR technology enables marketers to provide customers with a unique and personalized experience. Marketers can use AR to create product demos, allowing customers to try out products virtually before making a purchase. This not only improves the customer experience but also reduces the likelihood of returns.

#3: Enhanced Brand Awareness

By using AR, marketers can create unique and memorable experiences that help to build brand awareness. AR campaigns can be shared on social media, creating a buzz around the brand and increasing its reach. Since Augmented Reality hasn't reached the broad mass yet, apart from Pokémon Go, it can create quite the WOW-Effect on Social Media.


#4: Increased Sales

AR can help to increase sales by providing customers with a better understanding of a product’s features and benefits. AR allows customers to see how a product works and how it fits into their life, making it easier for them to make a purchase decision.

Imagine the following scenario:
A user spends around 5 to 10 minutes configuring and customizing a product of yours. Afterwards he is able to see his creation from all angles in 3D and to put the cherry on top, project it into his own space. The chance that he adds the product to his cart is significantly higher, than it would be without the magic of 3D Configuration and AR - around 40% higher to be precise.

#5: Competitive Advantage

As mentioned above, AR is still a relatively new technology, and not all marketers have yet to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. By using AR, marketers can gain a competitive advantage and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

#5 1/2: Cost-effectiveness

While we don't quite count it as a full benefit, we still want to mention the cost-effectiveness behind an AR solution. The long-term benefits of using AR will outweigh the costs. AR reduces the need for physical product demos and store displays, which can be costly to produce and maintain. By using AR, marketers can create virtual demos and displays, reducing the need for physical inventory.

Real-Life Example

Let's say a furniture retailer wants to promote a new line of sofas. Instead of just showcasing the sofas in a traditional showroom or online store, the retailer offers the possibility to use Augmented Reality, that allows customers to see the sofas in their own living room.

Customers can point their phone at their living room and see a 3D rendering of the sofa overlaid onto the real space. They can move the sofa around, change the color and style, and see how it would fit in with their existing decor.

This interactive experience creates a memorable and engaging experience for customers. Instead of just looking at pictures of sofas, they can see the product in their own home and get a better sense of how it would fit into their life. They are more likely to share the experience with friends and family, increasing the reach of the campaign.

Furthermore, the retailer can collect data on customer interactions on our Roomle Platform, such as which sofas were most popular and which features were most used. This data can be used to improve future marketing campaigns and product development (but that's a separate feature).

Overall, by using AR to create an interactive and personalized experience, the furniture retailer has increased engagement with customers and provided a memorable experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

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